Vehicle window graphics, also known as window or auto decals are designs that are specially made to accessorize your vehicles window. There are several different types of window graphics - those that are made primarily to take up the whole window while others are designed to occupy just a portion of any window on the vehicle. They offer several benefits aside of decoration and are easy to purchase and apply. Not many accessories offer benefits for the purchaser aside from expression.

Benefits of Windshield Decals

There are plenty of benefits to using window graphics but most of them apply only to the full window Vehicle Window Graphicsgraphics. The reasons range from protecting the inside of the vehicle to advertising and are all completely legitimate facts. The full window graphics are most often seen on the rear window of a vehicle and show either a picture of some sort or an advertisement. Seeing them typically raise the question 'how does the driver see out?' Well the graphic actually on a specially designed material called window perf. This material was created so that the driver and others in the vehicle can see out while everyone outside the vehicle can only see the graphic.

The way this works is due to the portion of the graphic facing the inside of the car being black and the entire graphic being full of holes. Science tells us that human vision is based on the eyes absorbing light reflecting off of our surroundings. The decal is comprised of vinyl and is perforated so that fifty percent of the graphic is holes. This is enough perforation in the material for the eyes of those inside to blend the black with what can be seen of outside. From the inside you can't tell there is a graphic. So what the people inside the car see is what is through the holes – everything outside. Those outside of the car only see the graphic.

Most of the graphics companies show on their advertisements that the graphics help to keep the interior from fading due to UV damage as well as helping to keep the vehicle from overheating. This is true as well, remember the graphic is fifty percent perforated meaning that only half of the light beaming on the covered window is going to get through. Then there is the obvious privacy offered with people not being able to see through all of your vehicle's windows what or who is in the vehicle.

What are the typical costs?

Costs can vary by size and design with all companies but the typical costs range from $20 from a one foot by one foot window graphic on window perf to $300 for a four foot by four foot design on the same material. Prices will always range between companies but most of the difference in cost is due to the actual design. For companies using the vehicle window graphics for advertisement purposes the companies who offer customized options are usually the best choice as the company logo is likely what will be used on the advertisement. Many companies do offer customized window graphics but some only sell their own designed graphics. There are tons of different graphics available so finding what you are interested in is not difficult but it is easier if you have a design in mind and pay for a customized graphic.

How to Apply Vehicle Window Graphics

To apply the vehicle window graphics to your window there are a few things you will need but first you should check to make certain that rear window graphics are legal where you live. If they are, then what you will need to apply your graphic:

  • a box cutter or an Exacto knife
  • soap and water (not window cleaner because it can leave a residue that could negatively affect the adhesive)
  • a clean, soft cloth that is lint free
  • masking tape

First step in applying the window graphic is to clean the window thoroughly with soapy water and then rinse completely until there is absolutely no soap residue remaining on the window. It should also be noted that it is best to apply the graphic on a day where it is at least over 40 degrees Fahrenheit or over 5 degrees Celsius for the best adhesion. Once you are positive there is no residue remaining and that the glass if dry it is time to put on the graphic.

Use the masking tape to position the graphic before removing the backing. You will notice excess material, but do not cut it yet. Once the graphic is properly placed peel off the backing. Start applying the graphic from one corner and keep going from the corner out smoothing the graphic with the cloth. If you run into any bubbles gently peel the graphic back up before moving on and continue applying. Once the graphic is applied use the backing to rub the graphic flat against the window and use the box cutter to trim the excess while being careful of the glass and your hands.

Where Can I Buy Vehicle Window Graphics?

There are many places to buy vehicle window graphics and custom car decals online. offers free shipping on all of their window graphics, as well as a 10% discount for first time buyers when their purchase is over $100. They don't deal exclusively with vehicle window graphics, so their selection is limited, but the perks might be worth it for a first time customer. creates all sorts of vinyl graphics, custom designed to your specifications. They sell laptop and wall graphics and lettering as well, and are clearly specialize in vinyl graphics. Custom rear window graphics cost $139, regardless of size. They are a perfect option if you want a unique graphic - not a design that's pulled out of a catelog.

If you don't require the custom or specilized nature, Amazon is a good place to look for vinyl decals, with hundreds to choose some across a wide variety of sizes and prices. There are plenty of ways to make a statement with the plethora of options that are just a click away.