Vehicles are things which transport people or goods across land, sea, air, or space. They may be moved by animals, people, or an engine. People and animals by themselves are not vehicles but they can provide the energy required for the conveyance to travel.

Using vehicles for transport enables people and goods to get to other locations faster than simply being carried by an animal. A lot more stuff can be loaded on a wagon which is pulled by a horse than can be carried by a horse in a pack on its back.

Some of the oldest vehicles that have been found are boats. Rivers and streams are often the easiest way to get from one point to another without having to deal with forests and the dangerous wildlife which inhabits it.

Modern modes of transportation tend to be powered by petroleum based fuels and are considered to be a danger to the environment. Fuel powered vehicles include cars, trucks, and airplanes. People powered devices include bicycles and rickshaws. Animal powered wagons have pulled people in a variety of styles for thousands of years. Wind, solar, and nuclear power can all be used as other sources of energy for vehicles to move.

Most vehicles are crafted in some way by people. The advances in the automotive industry have led people to have more freedom than they did in earlier times. We now have roadways which can get us into some very remote regions which enabled the exploration of the planet to be advanced. The oldest boats were simple hollowed out logs while the advanced spacecraft are designed and built with extreme precision.

There are watercraft which can go to the bottom of the ocean and space shuttles which can carry man into space. We've come a long way from hitching a mule to a rough wagon and taking a few days to travel 50 miles.

Modes of transportation will continue to evolve as long as people want to get from here to there as quickly as possible. Having goods that are to be sold get to the shop or warehouse faster means less spoilage and possible damage being done.

One of the main advantages is the transportation of food stuffs. The ability of one person to help another in a faraway land during a time of emergency decreases the impact of a disaster or crisis. We can now respond quickly when someone else is in need by transporting food, medicine, and water with our fancy new vehicles and help our fellow man.