Velcro Boy, it was certainly not my favorite term of endearmant handed to me during my school years. Eventually I stopped wearing them. Then in high school when I saw where I was in the social pecking order I realized it didn't matter and started wearing them again. What am I talking about? Shoes with velcro straps.

Velcro, a wonderful technology popularized by flipping astronauts, is a great time saver. Easy to strap stuff to other stuff in space. It's simplistic and effective. Girls at my work don't like it because it eats stockings but it's still absolutely awesome.

Velcro was inspired by nature. George, swiss hunter noticed these burs that came off plants stuck to his clothing and his dog's fur. Upon closer examination he saw under a microscope he noticed the burs had lines of small hooks that attached to any materical with small loops like clothing and fur. After several attempts at reproducing the effect with fabric George De Mestral finally got a working prototype using nylon.

Think about this for a moment. What if everyone wore velcro shoes instead of ones with laces. Think about how many times a day you have to retire your shoes. How long does it take maybe three seconds. Think about that collectively. Think about it collectively for all of mankind. How could that time have been better used. We could friggin colonized Mars already.

I guess one could argue we could wear crocs or slip on shoes but those are ugly and not great when running. Crocs guy is definetly worse than velcro boy. Alright folks I just want velcro to be cool so I can wear the shoes with the straps because I hate laces. Is that so much to ask? I think not, let's make it happen.