Velveeta Cheese Dip

How you can Prepare Mexican Velveeta Cheese Dip

On the cold day such as this, I say to you nothing, yes nothing even compares to a warm Velveeta cheese dip together with your tortilla chips. It's not only simple to make and tasty, however it will make you requesting more!

Mexican Velveeta Cheese Dip


• 1 kg Mexican Velveeta cheese

• 1 kg salsa

• 1 kg ground chuck

• 1 small can of black olives Slow Cooker

• Small bowl

• Mixing spoon

1. Inside a medium-sized sauce pan, fry 1 kg of ground chuck until completely cooked. Put beef, pork or chicken within the Crock-Pot and put Crock-Pot warmth to temperature.

2. Dice Mexican Velveeta cheese into cube-sized portions and set into the hamburger within the Crock-Pot. And blend altogether using the mixing spoon.

3. Empty salsa into Crock-Pot mixture and stir. Place in black olives and combine it with the contents in the Crock-Pot.

4. Warmth cheese dip for thirty minutes, and stir in from time to time to ensure that cheese is entirely liquefied. Lower Crock-Pot temperature when mixture is performed to maintain it warm.

5. Serve cooked cheese dip in a tiny bowl and add tortilla chips for sinking. It is best to try Scoops tortilla chips. Enjoy!

Only a word of caution: Don't set the Velveeta cheese dip mixture within the Crock-Pot on high warmth temperature since you will burn sure to use it a minimal warmth temperature once cooked.

Here, is yet another approach to Melting Velveeta Cheese on the Stove Top


• Two same-size sauce pans

• Velveeta cheese block

• 1 tablespoons of. butter

1. Fill the bottom of the sauce pan midway filled with water. Place the pan about the stove. Turn the burners onto high warmth and go ahead and take water to some boil.

2. Cut the Velveeta block into 1/2-inch cubes.

3. Place the extra sauce pan on top from the bottommost sauce pan about the stove although water is boiling. The very best pan doesn't use the underside pan, but is positioned about the fringe of the pan, limiting the steam inside to liquefy the cheese within the top pan. Place in 1/2 tablespoons of. of butter up sauce pan. Allow the butter melt.

4. Place the cubes of cheese (Velveeta) within the top pan once the butter has melted. Mind the cheese since it touches and stir constantly to ensure that the cheese doesn't get glued towards the bottom and sides from the pan. Remove top of the sauce pan in the bottommost pan when cheese is melted.