Choosing Velvet Curtains

When choosing new curtains for your home or the room you are decorating going with velvet curtains is a good option. Velvet is a material that looks and feels wonderful. Velvet material has become much less expensive than it was way back when and with the economy like it is finding inexpensive yet richly colored decorative items is important.

Velvet can be made with either silk or cotton and the price you will pay will be partially determined by which you are choosing. Silk velvet is of course the more expensive version. Cotton velvet is an attractive alternative it is just not quite as fine a material.

Nothing will make a room a showplace like red velvet curtains. Now if you want to go a bit more restrained you can but let's be wild and crazy for a minute, even if only in our own minds.

Another factor that goes into the cost of velvet is the weave. There are a variety of weaves to choose from and they will all make your material look and feel different. Cut pile, cut velvet or crushed velvet are all made in different ways.

Cleaning Velvet

First read and follow the instructions that came with your curtains. Don't buy a good set of velvet curtains just to ruin them because you didn't read the care tips.

However if you want to go your own way here are a few tips.

Velvet is not a material for the home washing machine or dryer. The best option for cleaning velvet is to use a professional cleaning company that has the proper knowledge and equipment. Now that that is out of the way most people don't want to take their curtains to the drycleaners so let's be a little more down to earth.

Steaming is the best method to clean and refresh your velvet curtains. This can be done with the curtains still in place.

Handwashing velvet is a dicey business but if you decide to go that route make sure to brush the velvet as it dries to prevent damaging the fibers in the material. If you mess up your velvet material it is pretty much messed up for good so test on a small piece scrap and see how your grand plan works out.

You should never press velvet unless you have a needleboard and a little bit more knowledge than what I am presenting here.

Storing Velvet

Storing velvet is not like you store you towels. Do not fold velvet or you can end up with permanent creases in your material which is not attractive. Roll your material if you need to store it.

There we go the basics of velvet curtains good luck and I hope your velvet never creases.