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If you are planning a vacation in Venice, Italy then you’ll want to know how to do it inexpensively so you can have more cash to enjoy every minute of your Italy trips. It honestly doesn’t have to cost a fortune to visit this romantic city of Europe. You may think that you can save money by taking vacation packages to Italy, but if you are careful you can do it on your own.

Eating Inexpensively in Venice

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Of course while you are on cheap Italy tours you will still have to eat somewhere. If you eat at the usual touristy places you will spend a fortune and it may not even taste good. But if you instead go where the locals eat, you can enjoy some local charm and save money too.

Go to a place called the bacari and buy some finger style food called cicchetti. There is plenty to choose from such as shrimp, bread and salami, or other forms of tapas, which are little servings of various foods. These can cost you less than a couple of Euros each, which is a far cry from most lunches in a fancy restaurant.If you combine your meal with glass of white wine then you will really be feeling authentic.  

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Some of these great local eateries in Venice include Cantina Do Mori, which is right next to the Rialto Bridge in Venice, or the Pizzeria Ae Oche, which is near the Zattere.

Where to stay for cheap prices in Venice

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If you also want to save money on where you sleep, then try some of the following hotels in Venice. One to try is the Hotel Marin which is near the train station. It runs less than 100 Euros a night, but has no frills at all, so don’t expect Internet or a TV.

Another hotel that is around that price is Hotel Al Ponte Mocenigo, which is two star rated and is close to the Grand Canal. It is a small hotel with only 10 rooms and can be booked pretty far out, so be sure to plan ahead.

 Places to Visit for Cheap in Venice

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If you enjoy going to museums, then buy yourself the 18 euro Museum Pass so you can visit all nine of the civic museums there in Venice. If you’d rather do things for free to save even more money, go enjoy the Parco Savorgnan, which is a public park near the Palazzo Venier in the Cannaregio area of Venice.

Another fun freebie is a visit to the nearby island of Murano where you can see some experts blow glass just like they did 1000s of years ago. All you have to do is pay a small fee to ride across the lagoon and you can even save money by buying what is called a Venice card. This gets discounts on lots of things from transportation to bars and restaurants. Plus, it even gets you into the public toilets for free, and that is a big deal indeed! You can buy it at

And you can even take one of the famous gondola rides for less money if you don’t mind taking a public gondola. Just pay less than a dollar and you can ride one across the famous canals. If you ride the private ones it could cost you hundreds of dollars! You won’t hear a song, but at least you get to ride one cheaper.

So if you go on vacations to Italy, be sure not to miss the romantic city of Venice.