Periodically, an idea comes along that provides a simple solution to a complicated issue that has existed since time began. The ventless gas fireplace is one of those ideas. Almost everyone desires the opportunity to enjoy the warmth and crackle of a beautiful fire on a cold and cloudy evening. But until recently, constructing a fireplace in many existing homes was extremely cost prohibitive. The installation of the chimney that would be required in the construction of a conventional fireplace is either not possible in the space where the fireplace is desired or as mentioned earlier, just simply too costly.

Now with the development of the ventless gas fireplace, anyone can have that much desired amenity in almost any location in their home that they desire. Due to the improvement of the high efficiency burners used in these modern units, the flame produced burns much hotter. This hotter flame results in almost total fuel consumption thus producing less toxic gases and carbon monoxide. Since the normal products of combustion are nearly eliminated, there is no need to vent harmful unburned gases to the outdoors.

Since the need for a chimney of other flue pipe has been eliminated, these non-vented gas fireplaces have many advantages over their vented counterparts.

  • Without the need to vent toxic gases to the outside of the house, they are much less complex and much less expensive to install than regular gas units or traditional wood fireplaces.
  • Ventless gas appliances can be installed anywhere there is access to a natural or propane gas line.
  • Since these units are entirely gas fueled appliances an no electricity is required, they make an excellent choice of back up heat in the event of a power outage.
  • Modern units are very fuel efficient, with greater than 90% of the heat produced remaining in the room as usable heat.
  • Great for supplementing heat in a room that always seems to be cooler than other rooms in the house.
  • Very attractive addition to the decor of any room as they closely resemble an actual wood burning fireplace.
  • The units produce less carbon monoxide thus reducing the chance of producing an oxygen deficient atmosphere.

Due to the many benefits of a ventless gas fireplace, any homeowner can have that focal point that provides the finishing touch to the decor of their favorite room. With many models of these units costing less than $1000, they are well within the reach of most homeowners and provide the positive return on investment that all homeowners look for when they engage in a home improvement project.