Venturer KLV3915 Under Cabinet TV

The Venturer KLV3915 is the latest under cabinet TV available from the Ontario based company that has been producing consumer electronics since 1988.

For those unfamiliar with this type of television, the under cabinet design frees up valuable work surface areas by literally hanging the TV from underneath a kitchen cabinet or shelf. It consists of a base unit and flat panel LCD screen that is mounted on an articulating hinge mechanism. You can angle and rotate the screen for the optimal viewing position or stow it away in the base unit when not needed.

Think of theVenturer KLV3915 as a kind of multi function kitchen appliance offering TV, DVD playback, radio and clock/timer functions in a space saving package.

For best results and to ensure trouble free operation it is a good idea to spend a few minutes to select a suitable location. Under cabinet TVs require permanent installation that involves drilling holes, so getting the location right the first time really pays off.

Basically you want to select a spot in your kitchen that is away from extreme conditions such as heat or moisture. Don't install it next to your stove or over a sink for example. Pick somewhere that is out of the way, yet you can see easily without having to crane your neck. A corner cabinet or nook is a good starting place.

At 15.4 inches the screen is one of the biggest available in an under cabinet TV and should be more than adequate for most kitchens. The screen folds down from the base unit and can be rotated up to 270 degrees. This means that there is a 90 degree 'blind spot' where the screen can't reach. Keep this in mind when deciding on a install location.

Setup and operation are straightforward and if yu're familiar with a DVD player you should have no problem. You get both NTSC and ATSC digital TV tuners and there is an auto scan feature to program all the stations available in your area. You can also label each channel to your liking and edit the scanned list to skip the channels you don't want.

For parents there is a password protected parental control feature where you can limit TV viewing based on the station's MPAA rating.

The radio can be program with up to 60 stations in memory (30FM and 30AM) and you can quickly select the desired channel from the remote control. It comes with digital tuning and you can scan for available stations as needed.

If you do a lot of cooking the KLV3915 comes with a built-in timer function. Program any time length from 1-99 minutes. The timer function is only accessible from the front control panel on the base unit.

The Venturer KLV3915 is an ideal kitchen TV for modern families that need convenience and ease of use. It comes with all the necessary bolts, spacers and a paper template for positioning the drill holes, along with detailed instructions for professional results.