A well known and cheap brand of portable DVD player is a brand called Venturer, this electronic company has been manufacturing portable DVD players for many years now and sell quite a few different models for a very cheap price well under one hundred dollars. So let's take a quick look at just three models that Venturer have out there in the marketplace today.

Venturer Portable DVD PlayerThe first one that we are going to look at is the Venturer PVS 8373P 7" Pink Portable DVD Player. This player is more suited to the female of the species due to its pink color and has lots of cool features such as the easy to use 7 key control pad. This DVD player is switched on and off by the slide switch and has controls to operate the normal and wide screen resolution and the screens brightness. It has an headphone jack so that the you can still enjoy watching a film without disturbing the people around you. It plays CD, CD-R, CD-RW and DVD discs and as a repeat, reverse and resume playback functions. The accessories for this item are the remote control, av adaptor, av cable, earphones, car charger, fold type carry case and a built in rechargeable battery that gives you up to 2 hours of play back time.

The second one is the Venturer PVS 33830 Portable 8" DVD Player. This player is a top loading DVD player and will play CD-RW, CD-R, CD and DVD discs. It has a multi angle selection and is able to display different language sub titles. The screen format for this player is normal and widescreen and the video system for this device is PAL only. The accessories for this device are the same as the previous model. In fact this DVD player is very similar to the PVS 8373P model except it's got a bigger screen at 8 inches.

The third DVD player on our list is the Venturer PVS 3311 10" Portable DVD Player. Let's start off by telling you about the massive 10" screen that is on this player. This screen is not only big, but it will give you a beautiful color picture that offers you optional screen formats such as widescreen and normal. Again this is a top loading DVD player that plays CD'S and DVD'S and is also JPEG compatible so that you can view all your favorite pictures at the touch of a button. Included in the box when you buy this player is the DVD player, the rechargeable battery which gives you 2 hours of viewing time, the remote control so that you can operate the device without even touching it and the AC mains adapter so that you can quickly recharge the battery or operate the player via mains power should the battery be flat.

The fourth and final DVD player is the Venturer DVDP331SD 10" Portable DVD Plater. Again, this is a player with a massive 10" screen which is able to swap from 16:9 to 4:3 format. This player not only plays your standard CD'S and DVD'S but is able to play the very popular film download format DivX. This player also as a USB and SD card slot, so you can play video and audio from these as well. It comes with built in 0.5 w x 1 stereo speakers and also a parental control function. This venturer portable DVD player has it all, looks and fantastic playback functions.