An instinct has always been driving me but a ripe opportunity had not yet come. It is the instinct of reading, writing and sharing ideas with others.

This passion urged me to venture into the unknown. Icarus, while trying to escape from prison landed himself in tragic death instead of celebrating his liberty. But unlike Icarus, my venture landed me in infoBarrel, albeit with an oversight of self -introduction.

Destiny ordains that I exist in a remotely interior part of the country. Inspite of many rivers in existence, the ruralfolk live without electricity. The luxurious commonly is accessible and affordable only to those living in cities and big towns. Lanterns are used as the source of light by the poor and the poorest not only in the countryside but also by the slum dwellers in the cities. Besides, the ruralfolk are fated to live in abject poverty that poses a perpetual nasty and painful sting.

Like the poor and the poorest,, when night falls and the sun goes to rest, I too light my lantern to enable me read, scribe my notes and ideas on a piece of paper. Reading and writing takes the priority over all my other lobbies, watching movies, listening to country music and tending my dairy cattle. All in all, I have a special love of nature, flora and fauna.

My love of knowledge and sharing ideas comes instinctively. Professor Nicholas Fogliaco, became my inspiration in the following academic disciplines, theology, philosophy and sacred scriptures. I resolved to read anthropology and English Literature to enable me dig deeper [beyond the superficiality]-in understanding the “the myth and the mystery.” Journalism follows as an art of effective and efficient communication.

Computers were unknown twenty years ago. Mobiles too came in use only in the beginning of the millennium. In 2010, I acquired a mobile telephone with an internet. Though a computer illiterate by then. I browsed my mobile with the sole intent of self-learning.

In the eventuality, wow! InfoBarrel appeared on the screen. In total unbelief. InfoBarrel was inviting me to write. I wrote the first article only to ascertain the truth and the existence of infoBarrel. My daughter, working in the city sent the article. In all surprise, the article failed the criteria for publication. My daughter encouraged me to write another article. Rewardingly, my daughter called me over the phone and said, “Dad your article is approved and live in the website”. She then added with credibility, “InfoBarrel exists. There is light at the end of the tunnel.”

That however, was not yet a genuine reason to reckon an excitement or celebration. Ten articles were yet required of me to win the approval and being confirmed a member of infoBarrel. The spirit of Icarus to venture into the unknown kindled my dithering spirit not to dump my scribbling pencil into the dustbin.

I wrote one article after another expecting either approval or disapproval. Ten [10] of my articles out of twelve [12] were approved and two [2] disapproved.

“Bravo”. Today, I’m an excited member of infoBarrel. The website is an exposure and a golden opportunity at my disposal in realizing my dream [being an author]. All I need at the moment is to familiarize myself with the literature of infoBarrel.

In order to a acquire distinction, books will ever remain my greatest friends, and only death will make us part. In writing and sharing ideas, we are giving testimony to the truth.

Truth is the agreement of judgment and reality. This reality is within the frame reference of human experiences. We all have different experiences or standpoints of looking and interpreting reality in our short or centennial span of life.

Writing is an effective means and technic of expressing the truth in words, and the ideal mode of communicating, defending and doing justice to the truth. This life commitment is the best legacy a genuine reader and writer bequeaths to the future generations. Long live the truth. Long live infoBarrel.