Vera Bradley Coral Tag

The history of Vera Bradley Luggage Tags:

Vera Bradely luggage got its start in 1982 when Patricia Polito Miller and Barbara Bradley Baekgaard noticed in an Atlanta airport, that there wasn’t any luggage that was designed with women in mind.  So taking the name of Barbara’s mother, Vera Bradley Designs was born.  They are known for their light, colorful, and brightly colored floral designs.  Originally targeting the a slightly older demographic, Vera Bradley luggage tags have become popular with teenagers, young adults, and the older generations alike.  Although they do not have the higher end price tags like some other designer bags, Vera Bradley luggage has still been known to be seen used by celebrities like Kate Walsh who love the soft, yet vibrant designs.


Vera Bradley Luggage

All Vera Bradley, luggage bags and luggage tags included, are designed to be more functional that flashy.  Even though they look great, they still have everything you need to keep your belongings neat and organized.  Some of the most popular Vera Bradley luggage bags are their cotton duffel bags.  While only having one large pocket may seem chaotic, Vera Bradley has recognized that organization is meant to be simple, and a simple luggage bag is the best way to pack.  


Vera Bradley Luggage Tags:

Finding you bag in a carousel of hundreds of other peoples luggage can be difficult and frustrating.  Nothing stands out among all of the dull black and grey luggage like a vibrant pink and red floral Vera Bradley luggage tag.  The best part, is that with the reasonable price of luggage tags, you can have a personalized luggage tag for every season of the year.  Vera Bradley makes luggage tags in their trademark floral pattern as well as soft and airy genuine leather.  A popular choice is their coral leather luggage tag which is both classy and personalized.  

Designer luggage tags such as something from the Louis Vuitton collection may cost as much as $450 dollars.  Vera Bradley luggage tags cost a fraction of that, and look even better.  With their easy buckle clasp it’s easy to switch from luggage to luggage depending on the length of your trip.  If for some reason your luggage is lost in transit, the clear view window with information card will give you the best chance of getting your belongings back.

Whether you are buying it for yourself, or as a gift, Vera Bradley luggage tags are a bright and cheerful way to identify your luggage in the sea of black and grey.