You Don't Need a Verizon Coupon

Verizon is one of the largest telecommunications companies in North America. They have one of the strongest networks and are known for having a great Blackberry selection. Because their business model is constantly evolving there are many different ways you can save money with Verizon.

Verizon Coupons

Every now and then Verizon does a BOGO offer. What is a Bogo offer? A Bogo offer is when you buy one phone you get the second completely free. The best part about Bogo offers is you don't normally even need a Verizon Coupons. Typically they will announce it in the newspaper and in a few magazine ads. Either snip the BOGO Verizon Coupon out of the newspaper and bring it to

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the store to ensure they don't try to trick you out of it, or go in ready to negotiate hard for your two phones. The only caveat to using the buy one get one free offer at Verizon is you will probably have two contracts. This isn't the end of the world if you have a family member who would also like a phone. Often times, they will offer you a share plan where you can actually talk to each other without using your minutes.

Negotiating with Verizon

The cell phone industry is open to negotiating much more than you would probably guess. Without any sort of Verizon coupon you should be able to walk into a Verizon store, pick out a phone and a plan with a sales rep, and then haggle the price down by at least $50 to a $100. This typically only works on new activations and they limit their discounts on hardware upgrades. If they refuse to give you additional discounts on upgrades you can always change carriers.

Discounts on Accessories

If you want to save money on accessories for your new phone this is probably the easiest area to save money. When you activate a new phone, sales reps are usually encouraged to up sell with accessories and usually have some sort of monthly quota they need to reach. After you finish negotiating your phone, ask if they will toss in any accessories, chances are they will say no. Once they deny giving you free accessories ask them what kind of discount they will give you. Typically sales reps can easily reduce the price on accessories on new activations by at least 15%.

In the end, if you can find a Verizon coupon that gives you extra service on your plan, it is like taking candy from a baby. Fortunately, if you just want a discount on your hand set, you won't need to waste dozens of hours digging through newspapers for a Verizon Coupon.