Verizon has truly made a name for itself as one of the best networks available for Americans. It has continually satisfied the network needs of cell phone owners by offering dynamic plans that will fit any lifestyle.

Despite the competition that other networks present, Verizon still remains as one of the preferred choices of mobile phone users out there. They have become loyal to the network simply because they believe they get the best value for their subscription.

Here are some of the best Verizon mobile phone plans to help you get started. Find the one that fits you best.

Plans for individual users are available. The Nationwide Basic plan offers the fundamental services of the network at optimal cost. For $39.99, a subscriber gets 450 minutes worth of calls.

You can preselect any 5 Verizon numbers in America wherein you can call them an unlimited number of hours. Nights and weekend minutes are unlimited, which virtually stretches your original 450 minutes. It also has the basic 411 search and basic voice mail, among other standard features.

One of the most practical Verizon mobile phone plans is the Nationwide Premium plan. The Nationwide Premium plan lives up to its name as one of the most cost-efficient subscription plans available. The plan allows the user to enjoy unlimited text, picture, video, and instant messaging.

It has mobile e-mail, which is a plus for people who need to check their e-mails regularly. Mobile web is also unlimited, making your mobile your internet hub as well. With regards to calls, there are no domestic long distance charges. Plans range from $79.99 to $139.99.

There are also prepaid plans which give the most flexibility for mobile phone users. These plans are called Prepay Plans. This plan benefits non-regular users. Subscribers pay only the value of what they use. They pay only on the days they use their connection. There are 3 plans to choose from, each giving the user the most control over his network expenses.

These are proof that Verizon mobile phone plans are definitely some of the best ones there. People find the plans fit to their way of life. Be sure to compare cell phones, you should have no problems looking for the best verizon mobile phone that suits your needs.

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