FIOS Triple Play

It's A Speed Ahead

One the day of installation, the technician arrived, introduced himself then took the time to explain in detail what he was going to do to hook me up with the FIOS Triple Play Package.  The technician was knowledgeable, organized and clean during hook-up and threaded the cable wire throughout my apartment exactly the way I wanted it and he even took it a step further and place a covering over the cable wire to give a finished look instead of leaving the wire open as an eyesore.

When the technician was finished with hooking up the FIOS, he made sure my phone, TV and Internet connection was working properly and went through the different channels to show me what I now had and also took the time to explain how I can watch YouTube video, Facebook and Twitter on my TV which I was not aware of.

If you ever have to cancel your FIOS subscription you won't get charged a cancellation fee and when your subscription is up for renew, you call to ask for the same price you were paying and if the price has gone down, you will receive the lower price.  You are not locked in.  This is what I was told and I'll be back to update this review in the future.

Verizon FIOS Triple Play

Cons Of Setup

Four Hour Setup

The installation did take about four hours to install and had to make sure I was home when the technician was installing the FIOS.  You will have some clean up after set up but besides that, I have no other Con to share with you.

I Love The FIOS

Full Review

Verizon Triple Play with FIOS.

On November 19, 2010 I purchased the Verizon Triple Play with FIOS when I saw Verizon promoting it online for $84.99 per month. I pay $106.47 per month for phone service, TV and FIOS Internet access and the $106.47 includes the taxes. FIOS Internet access is so fast that sometimes when I blink the website/webpage is already shown on the monitor.

Purchasing the Verizon Triple Play allowed me to keep my old phone number, gives me 300 TV channels, able to watch YouTube Videos, Facebook and Twitter on my TV and the FIOS Internet access is unbelievably fast. Besides browsing the Internet at high-speed, when I upload videos to the web the videos uploadwithin a couple of minutes.

When it's time to pay your phone, TV and Internet bill you receive an all-in-one bill instead of three separate bills which saves you money and time.

In Closing

If your phone, TV and Internet charges have increased you should take the time to review what Verizon Triple Play with FIOS has to offer and if your ready for super fast Internet browsing, then your ready for FIOS. I love it.  FIOS gets a thumbs up from me.