Verizon Wireless is one of the most profitable mobile service providers in the US. Their population is a growing number of 70 million users who are known for their loyalty and minimal church that is very noticeable especially with the competing market today. Verizon wireless cell phone plans now include packages to cater to prepaid customers.

Prepaid packages are very accessible, allows a certain level of mobility as well as flexibility for Verizon's customers. Verizon Wireless offers 3 INpulse plans for different users.

There is the Core plan which costs 10 cents per minute with a daily access charge of 99 cents. This access charge is paid only on days you use the network's service but calling another Verizon phone is actually unlimited.

Aside from this basic plan, there is the INpulse Plus which has a daily access charge of $1.99 whenever you use the phone service. The service includes unlimited Verizon to Verizon calls as well as night minutes for other networks within the hours of 9:01 pm to 5:59 am. If the calls to other networks are not within these times then the call rate is 5 cents per minute.

Another package is called the Power plan which offers unlimited calls at anytime during the day. It costs around $2.99 and has no monthly fixed costs. These Verizon wireless cell phone plans can give you a lot of savings. If you select the Power plan, it allows you unlimited number of talk time for only $2.99 and without being tied up in a two-year plan.

However, you also need to know that Verizon charges a $25 activation fee as compared to other networks who don't charge these kinds of fees. The beauty in prepaid cards is that you can reload at anytime. You avoid the hassle of being billed every month and having to change your billing address if you relocate.

It also has an international calling feature and a roaming feature that allows you to use your Verizon phone when you travel. There is a toll-free hotline you can call for any of your service-related concerns.

With these selections, you are guaranteed to find in these Verizon wireless cell phone plans whatever features that would suit your needs. It is just a matter of determining what needs you have so you can make the right decision in choosing which cell phone prepaid plans package best fits you along with the best verizon mobile phone for your needs.

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