Verizon Wireless Apple iPhone 4

$100 Verizon iPhone 4

Verizon Wireless will start offering the iPhone 4 in February, 2011. AT&T has controlled the Apple iPhone market since its release. February marks the beginning of iPhone expansion, as it will be the first time an Apple iPhone will be available at more than one company. This move makes Verizon Wireless a more competitive cell phone company because consumers, tech lovers, and Apple enthusiasts are going to choose the Apple iPhone then the cell phone company. AT&T will need to pick up its competition and offer great data plan deals to keep its long standing customers. Cell phone companies charge too much to expect customer loyalty, especially when they cut renewal discounts and relay the charges onto the customer. As they were getting ready for the new customers and upgrade orders for the Apple iPhone 4, Verizon changed their cell phone upgrade and renewal plans. Verizon changed their "New Every Two" cell phone renewal discount that they have had for years. Until now, Verizon customers could count on their two year long customer loyalty benefiting them in the end by qualifying for a new smartphone at the end of it.

Can Verizon Customers Get a Smartphone Renewal Discount on the Apple iPhone 4?

Yes. Some lucky Verizon customers are eligible to buy the Apple iPhone 4 for $100 when they use their upgrade discount. As of January 16, 2011, Verizon stopped offering their renewal discount plan, but they also grandfathered some customers. Verizon customers who were grandfathered will be able to take advantage of the $100 iPhone offer, but they can only use their renewal upgrade discount one last time. Verizon phone lines are bound to be jammed with orders for the new iPhone 4. Verizon may not tell you that you are eligible so ask them if you qualify for the discount iPhone 4, especially if you are a long standing customer.

During a Verizon Apple iPhone ordering process customers usually get asked about bundling the new phone with accessories. Consider this before ordering. Verizon makes money on customers who agree to iPhone accessory bundles that usually include a combination of items liSplash Screen Protectors for Apple iPhone Verizon and ATTCredit: Amazonke bluetooth wireless earpieces, iPhone cases, chargers, and screen protectors. Consider saving money with  Amazon's Splash Marque screen protectors for the Verizon Apple iPhone 4 to save money. The cell phone company is not always the best place to buy iPhone screen protectors and other accessories. The Amazon marketplace is a storefront for hundreds of companies.  Consumers can usually find cheaper cell phone chargers,  iPhone screen protectors, and other cool iPhone accessories like the Harley iPhone cases and covers.  Amazon saves consumers money when compared to the outlandish cell phone carrier prices. 

When Can Current Customers Order the Verizon iPhone 4 from Verizon?

Verizon will begin taking orders from current customers for the new Verizon iPhone on February 3, 2011 at 3 a.m. Eastern Standard time. New Verizon customers will have to wait until February 10, 2011 to get their order in for the new Verizon iPhone 4.

Verizon Wireless or AT&T  - Apple iPhone 4 - Compare Companies

Verizon Wireless is going to get a huge financial boost by selling the iPhone, not only because current customers want the iPhone, but new customers want one, too. With a choice between AT&T and Verizon for purchasing an iPhone, cell phone customers will be able to decide between the cell phone companies that woos them the most. Whichever company offers the cheapest monthly rates, discounts on text and data plans, overall best coverage, along with the power selling, lowest iPhone price, wins. Who will you choose? Compare iPhone text and data plans for both Verizon and AT&T before signing up for a two year commitment.

The Apple iPhone is available from the Apple store, so check their prices before signing up for any new contracts. Apple discounts iPhones and other products during holiday sales.  Think beyond Christmas sales because stores run discounts for Easter, Mother's day, Father's day, Memorial day, 4th of July, and so on. Apple gift cards are great gifts any time of year.  Compares prices before buying any Apple item. Apple sells some items cheaper, even if it's brief.  Buying refurbished iPad tablets is a great example because the Apple store had them cheaper than anywhere else, for awhile. 

Read about the pros and cons of iPhone insurance through the cell phone carriers.  Many smartphone consumers find out they have iPhone and smartphone insurance coverage already or that they can get it cheaper by purchasing renter's insurance, something that covers all personal belonging and not just an iPhonean expense that is usually unnecessary.