Have you ever wondered why you were being charged too much on your cell phone bill? With all of these major cell phone companies claiming to be affordable, why is it that you still end up paying almost $100/month? Yes, owning a smartphone can be expensive and is also an ongoing battle between major cell phone companies. I currently own a T-Mobile Sidekick and I am paying $72/month for 300 minutes with myFaves and unlimited data. When I upgrade, I would want to choose a plan that would have unlimited data. Considering that unlimited data is becoming higher and higher, it is understandable to want to compare different cell phone companies. Before you switch phone companies in hopes of getting a cheaper unlimited smartphone data plan, let us evaluate a few carriers that will hopefully help you in your decision.

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is a cell phone company that is known for its' great quality cell phones. Most popular phones include the Motorola Droid, Blackberry Storm, and the HTC Touch Pro2. Verizon's 3G smartphones are extraordinarily tempting. But are their smartphone data plans tempting as well?

Let us do a small run through on Verizon's website just to see how much our monthly bill would be. I chose the Motorola Droid as the phone that I was interested in and pressed the "add to cart" button. I was immediately brought to the "select a plan" page. You can then choose between 450 minutes ($39.99), 900 minutes ($59.99), and unlimited minutes ($69.99). The 900 minutes plan includes unlimited calling to five friends and family members. I decided to pick that plan because it seemed like a good deal. The next screen I was taken to was the features page. I instantly became confused. There is a $44.99/month smartphone data package that does not include text messaging. To add 5000 messages plus unlimited mobile to mobile messages would be an extra $20/month! I shrugged my shoulders and added those two features. When I finally made it to the checkout screen, my order said that it would cost me $124.98/month! I quickly clicked the "x" button at the top right of my screen.

If you are looking for unlimited data for less than $100, this is not the way to go. Even if you did choose the $39.99 voice plan, you would still be over $100.


I am currently a T-Mobile customer and I love their service. It is time for me to upgrade and I am currently stuck in a bad situation unfortunately. As I stated before, I pay $72/month for unlimited data and voice combined including tax. T-Mobile has claimed to have better plans. Let us put this to the test.

On the T-Mobile website, I selected the Motorola Cliq as the phone that I would prefer. I then picked the Even More Plus Plan and then chose the unlimited talk+text+web data plan for $79.99. At the checkout screen T-Mobile revealed that my total bill monthly would be $79 (without tax). I live in Georgia and there is about a $7 tax, therefore this would make my bill about $87/month.

T-Mobile is obviously cheaper than Verizon, but considering the fact that I pay $72/month (and struggling to pay that) I find it hard to add another $15 on to it. I love T-Mobile, but maybe it is time to move on.

As you can see, T-Mobile wins this battle for smartphone unlimited data but they are still expensive. I seriously question why these plans are getting higher and higher and they do the same thing as they did before. Will they continue to get higher? Only time will tell.