verruca freezes it off quickly and effectively

Verruca freezing is a highly effective technology that doctors commonly use to get rid of warts, corns and of course verrucas, the idea is they use sub zero temperature to freeze the verruca to its core and after a few days the verruca will fall off.

This practice is commonly done with genitalia warts its called cyrotherapy, or freezing genital warts. This treatment can only be done at the doctor's office.

Now the good news if you don't have genitalia warts but just a normal wart in your hands or feet there are things that you can buy at your local store that will freeze the wart for you.

Such items like:

*Scholl Wart & Verruca Freeze Spray
*Bazuka sub zero freeze treatment
*Acti Freeze Verruca And Wart Remover

All the above items do a very similar thing and they have the same ingrediats consiting of Dimethyl Ether, Propane, Isobutane.

verruca freeze safe?

Yes they are safe otherwise we wouldnt have them of the stores, but my recommendation is dont be silly with it, remember the can still has propane so dont forget next to the fire or the heater you just asking for trouble.
Also when the freezing action happens don't be a hero thinking you should freeze your verruca longer than it needs normal veruccas should be between 15 to 18 seconds bigger verruca 20 seconds.

Then just leave it for a 7 days , if the verukka has not subsided or drop of try the freeze again.

Verucca freeze work

I have tried and tested bazuka freeze and yes it does work, it does take some time though, for me it was around 3 weeks, and I must admit the first time I did it, I was "eh what on earth do I do" as I hate reading manuals, but I actually manage to figure things out.

The sansation that you have on the part of the body where the wart is quite weird its like a slow burning sensation the longer you have the freeze the more pain comes, but dont worry the pain is bearable nothing to worry about, just again dont be silly and think you should freeze your fingers for 2 mins , you most likely cause yourself bad burns...rememebr its a chemical!