If you have always been curious about Versace perfumes for men, but you have never dared to ask, in this article I will give an overview of the four classics of this line of fragrances. Gianni Versace wanted his perfumes to be conceived with different elements, creating an intriguing contradiction. After his tragic death, his sister Donatella Versace kept his ideas alive.

In the case of the perfumes for men, the contradiction is between freshness and masculinity. Versace will tweak these elements differently in each fragrance, making one side or the other more prominent, in order to give each perfume its own personality. Here you have an overview of the Versace perfumes for women.

Versace The Dreamer
This mixture of different elements becomes more clear in the Versace perfume for men The Dreamer, where the gentleness of the lily and other fruit and flowers of the opening notes gets mixed with the confident roughness of the tobacco of the middle notes and the woods of the finale. I have met more than a woman that had a thing for this perfume, because it reminded them of a significant other of the past that used to wear it. Here you have a more extended review of this Versace perfume.

Versace l'Homme
This was Versace's first perfume for men. Its launch in 1984 remained famous for the spectacular triptych dance coreographed by Maurice Bejart. This is an "Old-style" Versace perfume, for sure the most masculine. It is definitely a perfume of the eighties (when men were men, I heard someone say), with an intriguing balance of oriental spices, woods, and citrus fragrances. Like many Versace perfumes for men, the opening notes are pretty strong, so wait for at least 45 minutes before deciding you don't like it.

Versace Pour Homme
The most Mediterranean of the family, Donatella Versace said that for this perfume the man she had in mind was "a self-confident and most of all, fascinating man, with strong personality, who is not afraid to love fashion and lives it as an expression of spontaneity and personality" Unlike other Versace perfumes (like The Dreamer for example), the opening notes of bergamot and geranium, are light and fresh. They evolve towards middle notes of bitter orange and neroli leaves, bringing up a warmer and more intense fragrance.

Versace Eau Fraiche
The name, cool water, couldn't be more appropriate. This is a fresh and young fragrance, of a sophisticated sweetness, which makes it suitable for both day and night use. However, the Versace footprint the mysterious and intriguing personality of the Versace man is always there. The opening notes are white lemon and rosewood, the heart notes are all Mediterranean sea, with citron, tarragon and sclarea sage. Sycamore wood gives a final warmer note, whereas musk and amber are a constant, intriguing background note.

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