I have to admit it - I battled with cellulite for all my adult life. And yeah, the fact that I was never really skinny, was probably one of the factors why cellulite was more than a casual problem for me. But the truth is that it is not only affecting chubbier girls like me, but like 90% of all women, regardless of their age, size or shape (source: medical studies and even Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cellulite). Hey, even some of the most famous models or actresses have cellulite on their thighs.

Verseo Roller Cellulite Massage System

Verseo Rollercell2 Cellulite Treatment Reducing Massage System
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(price as of Jan 21, 2016)
Verseo Roller Cell 2 Cellulite Home Massager is a unique multi function massager that fights cellulite through four different active principles: massage with specially contoured motorized rollers, intensive vibro massage, air suction and deep heating. It comes with three different rollers (which are easily interchangeable) for different massage approaches (depending of the stage of cellulite development), plus a fixed roller for the vibro massage. It also includes a tube of massage gel (6 fl oz) which contains Aloe Vera, Pronalem, Caffeine and Vitamin E.


- The most important argument in the advantage of Verseo Roller Cell 2 Cellulite Home Massager is the fact that IT ACTUALLY WORKS. Of course, like in the case of any other similar product, the key to success is to use it every day, so if you'll only use it once in a while, you may get disappointed, but on the other hand, if you're serious about it, the results should start being visible in a couple of weeks;
- The second thing I really like at Verseo Roller Cell is the fact that, despite the fact that is has quite a lot of functions, it has good handling and is very easy to use. I use it for like three months now and I never had the smallest problem with it (like my hands slipping from the massager like it happened with other products);
- A very good thing about it is also the fact that you can set the strength of the massage, air suction and heating. For someone with a rather sensitive skin like me, it was a true blessing to be able to set it at the point where it does its job efficiently, yet is not leaving me with rushed, broken skin;
- Finally, the price is really low compared with other similar products. I mean yes, there are and cheaper products out there, but I'm yet to seen another product doing everything this one does and which doesn't cost like double.


- While Verseo Roller Cell 2 Cellulite Home Massager is really efficient, I can't say the same about the massage gel that comes with it. I mean yeah, it is somehow OK, but if you want to see results fast, you'll probably have to use a different, stronger gel;
- The only issue I have with the massager itself is the fact that it is quite noisy, so I really can't use it in my hotel room before my husband wakes up.

Final verdict:

While Verseo Roller Cell 2 Cellulite Home Massager is a really good tool in the battle against cellulite, offering us the possibility to apply ourselves almost all the treatments we would get at a saloon, from the comfort of our home. However, it's important to understand that it doesn't do wonders just by having, and the key to get rid of cellulite and look amazing once again in our bathing suits, is to use it regularly, every day.