Vertical blinds are an ideal solution for a lot of homeowners looking to dress up their sliding glass doors. Lately it seems that verticals are getting a bad rap in the industry in comparison to the other more "sophisticated" options on the market. Well I have news for all of you so called decorators out there, not everybody has it in their budget to purchase the latest and greatest hot product from Hunter Douglas or Bali.

First of all, vertical blinds are much less expensive than some of the other window treatments on the market such as cellular shades and plantation shutters. Verticals consist mainly of an aluminum head rail and more often than not, PVC slats. These components themselves are relatively inexpensive when compared to the material cost of shutters and cell shades. Not only that, but the labor involved in fabricating a vertical blind is minimal. If all the components are in stock, it can be made just a couple of hours, and that is being generous. The lower cost of materials plus the small amount of labor involved are why vertical blinds are one of the most affordable window treatments for sliding glass doors.

Vertical blinds are also a very practical solution, especially for families with small children and pets. There was a case in the news recently where a child ended up rapping the cord from a blind around it's neck. Vertical blinds can still be constructed with a draw string, but for concerned parents, there is also the option to use a wand or rod that controls the function of opening and drawing the vertical blind. As for pets, my dog runs up to the slider any time he hears a noise outside. When the vertical is drawn closed, he has no problem moving the slats out of the way to see what is going on without damaging the window treatment. In the shop I work in, I have had repairs from customers whose pets have chewed through plantation shutters and tore the fabric of a cellular shade. Most window coverings come with some sort of warranty or guarantee, but none of them cover pet damage. And even if something were to happen to your vertical blind, the slats are easily replaceable by the end user if they were to get damaged.

Vertical blinds have also advanced in order to compete with other products on the market. In addition to PVC, slats are available in fabric, wood, and faux wood to give you even more options for dressing up your slider. The sheer number of patterns, textures, and colors available through the different materials is staggering. There literally is an option for any decor. Do a search online or next time you are out and about, stop by a window treatment dealer and take a look through the samples they have. I guarantee you will be impressed. Just remember to do your research when looking for window treatment ideas and make sure the decorator has your best interest in mind.