Who doesn't love fresh vegetables? Even in a small space, you can use vertical gardening as a way to produce fresh vegetables all season long.

You have probably tried container gardening, which works well too.  A few terra cotta planters around your patio or balcony are a great way to have a small flower garden, water feature or a few fresh tomato plants growing, but you can become a serious gardener with a vertical gardening setup.

If you are limited on square feet, such as a small backyard, or patio, and are an avid gardener, especially for vegetables, then the sky is the limit... so to speak!

By heading upwards, you can take advantage of height rather than square footage on the ground to grow all kinds of vegetables. Vertical Gardening

You need a strong structure, which you can build yourself, or you can purchase kits that have the framework already in kit form or designed for you.  Many vertical gardeners will use containers that are three high, (such as in the picture) and will have a few of them lined up in their small space.

Vegetable Planter | Flower Planter | Outdoor Planters - Self Watering Red Planter Box by Monkey Pots!

You will be surprised by just how many veggies can be grown in this way.  The trick is the strong framework that keeps your containers strong and safe and able to get light.  Imagine having the bottom container for the string beans and other climbers, and the next two for carrots, and lettuce for example.

Nothing is off limits if you set up your vertical garden right.  You can also use this framework idea for flowers, but it makes a great vegetable garden.  You don't have to spend back breaking hours weeding and cultivating, as each container is accessible without bending on hands and knees.

You can keep better control of your garden from critters, and there are some kits that are even self watering. 

As long as you have access to natural daylight, and a few square feet to set up these frames, then you can have fresh produce from your own garden. 

These systems have become very popular as people downsize and live with smaller yards and patios but still want the enjoyment of vegetable gardening.  Going up is an economical way to use your space.

Many garden centers are starting to promote kits for vertical gardening systems and books to design your own.  But you can also get systems online at sites such as Amazon and other gardening sites.

If you would like to grow more thant just tomatoes in a few pots on your patio, then consider a vertical garden system.  You can grow all your favourite veggies just as if you were planting in the ground.

This would also make a great house warming gift for anyone downsizing or simply moving into a place with a small outdoor space.   It makes a great investment in the space and can provide you with your own home grown veggies. 

You can grow as many veggies as you want if you plant up instead of across.  Using simple round planter pots can be limiting if you want to grow anything but flowers.  So, if you are serious about your veggies, but simply don't have the ground space, then take a look at the latest in vertical gardening.