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Vertical jumping is the measure of how high a person can jump from a standing position. There is the standing vertical jump, which refers to a jump done while standing still. The other is a running vertical jump, where the person runs before jumping, to add more energy into the jump in an effort to increase their vertical jump. A vertical jump of forty inches or more is considered amazing, while vertical jumps over fifty inches are considered extremely rare, but it has happened. There are vertical programs that can help improve a person's vertical jump, and there is a vertical jump workout that is commonly used as well. It is a very thorough workout, and will help you gain verticle leap. You may be wondering about exercises for your vertical leap, they will be explained soon. To gain vertical leap, you must start doing a vertical jump workout.

In order to increase your vertical jump, you must work out, and focus on certain muscle groups. To start, do a simple warm up that will loosen up your muscles so you can stretch properly. Without proper stretching, you are unable to perform at your peak performance. After you are stretched out and ready to start training, it's time to start the exercises. An important muscle that has to do with jumping power is your quads. Your quads can be strengthened through performing squats. Squats are where you have weight on a bar across the back of your shoulders, and you squat down until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Then raise yourself back up, and repeat this four more times.

 Perform three sets of five repetitions, and you will gain significant muscle in your quads, which will help your vertical jump. When pushing yourself back up from the squat, do it as fast as possible to work more of your muscles, helping with the exploding power you want to develop for your vertical leap. Another important muscle in vertical jumps are your calves. Your calf muscles perform the final push into the air, so they need to be trained just like your quads. To increase the strength of your calf muscles, do calf raises off of a step, which will increase the calves range of motion. By increasing the range of motion, you will be increasing your vertical jump.

Besides working out and training your key jumping muscles, you need to actually practice jumping. There are many different techniques and methods you can train your jumping skills with. One method is the no arm hop. This is where you don't use your arms to help generate force in your jump, you just use your legs. You stand straight, then bend down a little bit and jump off the group. Once you land, keep jumping until you complete ten repetitions. Another training method for your vertical jump is box jumps. Box jumps are where you have a one to two foot tall box where you jump up onto, then quickly jump off of and land below. In order to do these properly, you do not want to land in a deep knee bend, you want to bend your knees just enough to be able to jump off the box again. Repeat this process ten times, totally ten repetitions.

The final jumping exercise to increase your vertical jump is called an ankle hop. The ankle hop is an exercise that strengthens the Achilles tendon and calf muscle, which are key into jumping high into the air. What you need to do is stand up straight, and without bending your knees at all perform small hops off the ground. Do up to twenty at a time, take a break, then repeat the twenty reps a few more times. These three practice jumping exercises will help increase your vertical jump.


In order to increase your vertical jump, you must workout, and train in order to see positive results. In order to boost your jumping power, you have to increase the strength of your quads and your calves. To do this, perform squats and calf raises. These two exercises will increase the strength of your quads and calves, and will lead to a much higher vertical jump. Besides just working out and increasing the strength of your muscles, you need to work on actual jumping technique. The no arm hop, box jumps, and ankle hop all will work on your jumping technique while at the same time strengthening your key jumping muscles, your quads, calves, and Achilles tendon. By performing these exercises, you will increase your vertical jump height.

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