Vertigo is a condition that causes an individual to think he or she is moving when in reality there is no movement, they are actually sitting or standing still. It is often called dizziness but vertigo is a condition that is specific to certain causes and symptoms. Here we will take a look at the causes, symptoms and cures for vertigo.

Causes of Vertigo

An abnormality in the vestibular system is usually the culprit when considering vertigo causes. Because the vestibular system includes the inner ears, cerebellum and brain stem, conditions that affect these areas of the body will be vertigo causes. Inner ear infections will cause an individual to experience vertigo. Vertigo is also a symptom of other problems within the inner ear, including swelling and congenital abnormalities. Additionally, individuals suffering from head or neck trauma may also suffer from vertigo. Multiple sclerosis is another of the vertigo causes, although multiple sclerosis is accompanied by many symptoms in addition to vertigo.

Vertigo Symptoms – What to Look for

The most significant of the vertigo symptoms is the feeling that the environment surrounding the person with vertigo is moving when it is not. Some people feel as if they are moving when they are stationary. Individuals with vertigo symptoms also have significant feelings of being disoriented. The sensation of false movement often causes nausea, vomiting and excessive perspiration in vertigo sufferers. Because the inner ear is so often the culprit in people with vertigo, ear pain or discomfort often accompanies vertigo. Loss of auditory function and a ringing sound in the ears can also be symptoms that go hand in hand with vertigo. Occasionally, people with vertigo symptoms will also struggle with visual and speaking functions.

Treatment and Cures for Vertigo

When suffering from vertigo, individuals can be absolutely miserable, as normal daily functions are extremely difficult with the disoriented feelings that accompany the condition. There are some vertigo cures that will lessen the severity of vertigo without needing to use medication. One home remedy for vertigo is food modification. Food modifications can be one of the best vertigo cures. Eating salty food, drinking water and maintaining a diet rich in protein and vitamins can immediately help lessen an attack of vertigo. Another tip that helps cure a bout with vertigo is to focus on a stationary object as the individual is experiencing the vertigo. Another of the recommended vertigo cures is drinking water with salt, pepper and the juice of a lemon.