Finding Decent Inexpensive Dirt Bikes

Buying a dirt bike can be an expensive undertaking, but if you look hard you will find some very cheap dirt bikes for sale. The majority of these are used bikes, and whilst in the past these used to be a bad purchasing idea, nowadays you can get an excellent bike for cheap prices. Ten or twenty years ago dirt bike tech was changing so fast that buying a used bike just meant that you were getting an obsolete model. But these days, specs aren't changing a lot year to year, so you can get a good deal on a used bike, as long as you shop carefully. Particularly if you're buying your first dirt bike, a used model is going to be a much better investment, since you'll be spending less whilst still getting the opportunity to try dirt biking out. So what are you looking for in a good used bike?

Which Models?

There are a few models that you should keep your eye out for on the market, these are well built and good quality bikes meaning that they're likely to be in good condition when you find them. If you're looking at Suzuki models, watch out for the DR250, the DR350 or the DRZ400. The Kawasaki KLX300, KDX200 or KDX220 also make good buys. If you're more into Honda, then the XR250, XR400 or CRF230 are the models to look out for. And finally, the Yamaha TTR230 or TTR 250 are also ones to watch out for. 

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Where to Find Dirt Cheap Dirt Bikes? 

In fairness, your best bet is the online carboot sale of the world eBay -- which is a great place to start looking as well as a good  information source to delve into a bit of research and/or if you want to actually see what you are getting up close then be sure to look out for local farm auctions and in the classified ads of farming newspapers with the like. Another specific place to go to is, they list literally hundreds of dirt bikes for sale with numerous third parties all competing with one another to produce the lowest price dirt bike price (head to the automotive section - with Dirt Bikes'). Also Craig's List and other classified sites to see if you get lucky and come across a bargain.

Other means: Farming newspapers are great places to look not only for used dirt bikes, but also for advertisements for farming equipment sales which may include bikes. Police auctions tend to be another great place to get bikes for good prices. You can check your local newspapers for auction ads, or contact your local police department who will be happy to furnish you with details about upcoming auctions.

If you decide to go the internet route, you should be extremely cautious about buying a bike that you don't actually get the opportunity to see. Whilst you can usually get a test drive from most buyers, sometimes you won't, particularly on sites like eBay, where you tend to buy sight unseen. If you do find something on eBay, do make sure that the seller has a sterling reputation, or you might find yourself being ripped

The Condition...

Initially, you should go with your gut feeling. How does is the dirt bike looking? Scratches are fine, misalignments aren't. Radiators are expensive so check out the condition carefully, looking for stress marks that might indicate the radiator is on the point of bursting. Standing behind the machine, check to make sure the bike is aligned properly and nothing is crooked. Finally, take a look at the footpegs on the bike, how worn are they? This will give you a good idea of how often the bike has really been ridden.


You need to look at both the wheel bearings and the steering-head bearings. On the wheels you're going to need to lift the dirt bike off the ground, and spin the wheels listening for grinding or squeaking indicating that the wheel bearings have eroded. Also grab the wheel and try to move it from side to side, there should be little to no movement laterally, as this could also mean that the bearings are on the point of wearing out. To test the steering-head bearings you'll need to stand in front of the dirt bike, hold onto the bottom of the fork legs and try to move them back and forth, again any movement will indicate that the bearings need changing.

Brakes and Suspension...

Two pretty important parts of your bike. Squeeze the brakes and see how they feel. They should feel firm, not mushy. Check the brake pads to see wear and tear, and try to move the calipers to make sure there's no side to side movement. Suspension is a little trickier to test. Sit on the bike and get a feel for its give, and once off the bike push down hard on the rear to see how fast it bounces back up. Up and down movement should feel smooth. This isn't a thorough check, but it should be enough to give you an idea of the state of the shocks.

Clutch and Transmission...

Finally, have a look at the clutch and transmission on the bike. Checking internal engine parts is tough, since you're probably not going to be allowed to take the bike apart, after all. But listening to the engine and taking a test ride will give you a solid idea. The engine should sound smooth, and the clutch should also operate smoothly. Put the dirt bike into high gear and use lots of throttle to see if the clutch slips. You want nice, easy gear changes, with no hitches or sticks.

A used dirt bike can be a great buy, you just need to be a little careful when shopping to make sure that you're getting a great product. And, of course, you'll save some cash too, which is always important...

Also, if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding either the overview of getting & finding very cheap dirt bikes for sale or about any of the models mentioned above, then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.