Very Easy To Use Home Remedies for Common Ailments

Fruit  Is good For Many Ailments

I want share some home remedies which I use in my daily life. All are not mine some of them I found in web. If you know some more please add them in comments.

  1. Ice pack-Good for Flea bites. First clean the area thoroughly with water and a good quality, natural soap. Apply an ice pack
  2. Ginger-I use ginger for my Sore throat.
  3. Marshmallow-You help in rid off persistent coughing.
  4. Green Tea-Drink tea and lose weight.
  5. Tea+Honey- Sore throat
  6. Honey- I use local honey on my toast to help out with my seasonal allergies. By ingesting the pollen your body becomes used to the pollen and causes fewer problems during allergy season.
  7. Aloe Vera- This oil has natural remedy with anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties; use it for burns, blisters and cold sores. Aloe Vera is acknowledged as the go-to treatment for mild sunburn.
  8. Peppermint tea - Drink peppermint tea for stomach upset. Another way stomach problem is chews some licorice.
  9. Arnica oil- This oil is good for all bumps and bruises and non-bleeding cuts. It helps the body to heal up quickly.
  10. Vinegar- Use vinegar for itchy bug bites
  11. Fenugreek-Use Fenugreek seeds for halting nasty breath. A tea made from Fenugreek seeds is good way to use.
  12. Listerine-I read in newspaper that spraying Listerine around you when outdoors will keep bugs away, including mosquitoes.
  13. Sacred basil- Basil is good to use for common cold and sore throat.
  14. Garlic and Onion- Garlic and onion are the best remedy for boils. Applying the juice extracted from either onion or garlic on these boils will break the boils and release the pus.
  15. Yogurt- This healthful snack is filled with potent milk proteins and other natural enzymes to nip painful skin inflammation
  16. Eucalyptus-I use eucalyptus for a blocked nose.
  17. Poncha-This is the mixture of potion of white rum, made from sugar cane, with fresh honey from the bees, and a final squeeze of fresh orange and lemon juice. This is best remedy for everything and anything.
  18. Cold Milk-This is good for any kind of acidity problems.
  19. Garlic-This is good for both cold and flu.
  20. Witch hazel- Good for Mosquito bites. After washing the bite area, apply witch hazel to the bite area.
  21. Beetroot juice- It is one of the best home remedies for low blood pressure
  22. Ice-Good for Bee Stings. Remove the sting by gently pressing it out sideways with a thumbnail. Apply ice to reduce the swelling.