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Get ready to laugh!

LaughterCredit: morguefile.comPlaying funny pranks on other people is always a tried and true method to induce laughter – for certain people. What you find to be hilarious, your 'victim' may not. Because of this, I cannot in good conscience let you read the list below without saying one thing – “This article is for informational purposes only.” Enjoy.

1-Give a box of chocolates to that special someone. Take bites out of half of them first, then say "I was just trying them!"

2-Rent a car and drive it into the ground (ala 'Jackass' the movie.)

3-Drive around in a scary Halloween mask. The further away from Halloween it is the better.

4-Buy a disposable camera and begin to follow a perfect stranger around. Act as though they are a celebrity and you are the paparazzi.

5-Fill out a job application with ridiculous information. In crayon.

6-While in a crowded elevator push every button, then get out on the 2nd floor.

7-Give a 1 cent tip. Make sure to get your food first.

8-Try and put a pack of candy bars on lay away at Wal-Mart.

9-While in a waiting room, stare at someone for a few seconds and then pretend to write something in a notebook. Repeat.

10-Release a bunch of crickets in a movie theater.

11-Fill someone’s sink with M&M’s.

12-Write a check for .83 cents.

13-Try to bribe a police officer with a pack of white powdered doughnuts during a traffic stop.

14-Go to the fish tank section of a pet store. Begin to eat small slivers of carrots that you brought in with you. You should look at someone and smile before doing it.

15-Give a child a water hose at a family reunion. Make sure they know how to use it.

16-If you ever find yourself sitting by a cop in a diner, be sure to order extra bacon – lots of extra bacon.

17-Fart with pride in public areas.

18-Call into work and use the excuse that squirrels stole your shoes off the porch.

19-Make strange and loud grunting noises while in a bathroom stall. Make sure everyone can hear you.

20-Go into a tattoo shop and ask for a fly to be inked on your nose. Whether you go through with it or not is up to you.

21-Go into a restaurant and hand the cashier a Dixie cup. “Coke, no ice.” Fans of Kevin Smith movies should know exactly where I got this idea.

22-Get your hands on a skunk that can’t spray. Put a collar and leash on the animal and begin walking around town.

23-Take a post-it note and place it on the bottom of someone’s computer mouse. Make sure they can’t see it, but also make sure that it covers the sensor. You can write a clever note on it if you want (made you look, etc.).

24-Fake lottery tickets. These are really great gag gifts that let you see a range of emotions from your victim. Just be sure that they can handle the joke.

25-Use cool nicknames (Mr. Mustache, Boots, etc.) to say hello to total strangers, or anyone for that matter.

26-Put gobs of petroleum jelly on someone's car door handle.

27-Order a 'liter' of cola at a fast food joint. (from Super Troopers)


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