As you search for very small pop up campers, you will find several options available to consider.  There are a number of different styles and manufacturers you can consider as you shop around for the best deal.  Since camping is a great family activity and there are campgrounds all over the place, these are a good investment you can make to keep you and your family entertained.  In this article, I would like to go over some of the options you have to consider as well as some alternatives you might want to consider for a very small pop up campers. 


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About Very Small Pop Up Campers

Here is some information you will want to keep in mind before you buy your next popup camper for sale.  There are some benefits and drawbacks to them that should be considered carefully.

Sizes Available:  There are many different sizes available, with 8 foot being one of the most common.  There are some used 6 foot models out there, which is about as small as they get.  You can also find them as large as 18 feet before they are set up for use.   Be sure to get something big enough for your entire family to sleep in, since many are only designed for 4 people.  Many have two beds that pull out of the ends, and a table that folds into a bed, but this is going to vary greatly.

Manufacturers:  Coleman, Palomino, Jayco, and Starcraft are the traditional makers, but many more have been added in recent years.  I own an 8 foot Palomino and really like it.  Before you make your purchase, be sure to read reviews, so you know exactly what you can expect when you go out camping.  Be sure to keep in mind that some of the manufacturers use higher quality materials and have a better reputation than others.

Benefits:  They are bigger than they look when you set them up.  Beds are generally pulled out of the ends and add about 6 feet or more to the total length.  When folded up, you need very little room to store you pop up camper. They are lightweight and easy to pull with a small truck or even a car.  In addition to all this, the price is generally pretty reasonable with very small pop up campers and trailers.

Drawbacks:  There is set up required, which isn’t nearly as convenient as having something that is ready to go as pull into the campsite.  In addition to this, the canvas is prone to getting small rips and tears.  For this reason, there is often a little more maintenance required.

Multiple Styles:  You can buy hard side pop up campers for sale or the traditional canvas style of crank up.  In addition to the bump outs, some open up on the sides, increasing the width of the unit.  You will find the different styles are more about personal choice than anything else.  Check out all the different styles and try to decide which is best for you.

About Pricing:  You will find some very cheap, especially if you go used, but you will find the pricing is all over the board.  Quality, age, condition, and manufacturer all must be taken into consideration when you decide what unit is the best for you.  Be sure to check out the blue book value of any very small pop up trailer, so you do not pay too much for it.


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Alternatives to Small Pop Up Campers

There are several different alternatives you might want to keep in mind as you shop around for a new or used RV.  Some of them will be slightly more expensive, but some are still pretty cheap overall.

Teardrop Campers:  Many people have been looking at little guy teardrop campers and other similar models of very small campers for sale as an alternative to pop ups.  They are priced very well and are very compact, but still have all the amenities you would expect to find in a travel trailer.  You can buy them in an 8 foot length, which is common, but there are many other sizes you can consider as you look to make a purchase.

Small Travel Trailers:  You can buy them in lengths of 12 feet long, with tons of other sizes available.   They are a really good alternative to tent campers and require less setup time.  You will find many of them new and used for sale in a number of different places.  Prices will vary greatly, as will quality, weight, and amenities.  Be sure to take it all into account as you try to decide what the best camper is for you and your family.

Truck Campers:  This is probably one of the best alternatives you can consider.  The real benefit to using one of these is that there is limited setup required and you aren’t pulling a trailer.  You can just drive up to the campsite, level your truck, and you are ready to camp.  When done, you just drive away.  Some people consider these a better option than a very small pop up trailer, but this is really a personal choice more than anything else.

Camping Vans:  You can find many that are only a little larger than minivans.  Most have small dinettes and sufficient sleeping area.  There is virtually not set up time required and they are not very big and bulky, so they are easy to drive around.  Many people really like this type of RV and find they are a great option for traveling and going out camping.

Tents:  If you really want to spend some time roughing it, you can choose to pitch a tent.  This is the cheapest option you will have to consider.  This is good for the rugged outdoorsman, but is not nearly as comfortable as using a regular camper.

As you can see, with very small pop up campers, you have a lot to keep in mind and consider before you make a purchase.