Wild Animal Prints are Eye Catching and Memorable Party Themes

Children love animals no matter if it is tame or wild. They seem to have that certain interest in the different types of animals. Animals or zoo theme party can also be best for children. The most popular in this type is the wild animal theme party. With this, one can create colorful cakes and cupcakes with wild animal print designs. This theme will surely make the celebrant enjoy his or her party and make it memorable. It will also amaze the guests at how the party has become a zoo-type party. Through the animal print cakes or cupcakes that will be served, the party can have so much more fun and enjoyment.

24 pc Safari Wild Animal Print Birthday Cake Candles

 A birthday cake will not be complete without cake candles. To complete the wild animal theme, these cake candles with safari wild animal designs are perfect. It measures 2-1/2" long. Each set contains 24 candles with various safari designs.

Nordic Ware Pro Cast Zoo Animal Muffin PanCredit: Amazon.com

Nordic Ware Pro Cast Zoo Animal Muffin Pan

Nordic Ware Pro Cast Zoo Animal Muffin Pan(60992)Credit: Amazon.com


This muffin pan with zoo animal designs can also make beautiful cupcakes. This will surely be perfect for a child’s birthday party. This molder can make eight different animal designs. It has nonstick coating for easy food release and cleanup. It can be cleaned with mild detergent and water only.


Edible Jungle Animal Faces Cupcake Cake Decorations (1 dz)

 This animal faces cake or cupcake decorations are completely edible. This can be topped on a cake or cupcake in an animal themed party. Each set contains 12 animal faces in various designs. This will make the cake of cupcakes more attractive and enjoyable.

Appetizer and Dessert Plates Zebra Print (Set of 4)

Appetizer and Dessert Plates Zebra Print (Set of 4)Credit: Amazon.com


These dessert plates can add more animal print inspiration to the party. This can be used in serving the cake or cupcake. This can also be the serving tray of the cupcakes. You can simply arrange the cupcakes onto these dessert plates and make it as the centerpiece of the party.


Wilton Jungle Animal Toppers

Wilton Jungle Animal ToppersCredit: Amazon.com


These cake toppers can certainly add more fun to the wild animal themed party. These can be placed on the cake or even cupcakes. There are four wild animals in each set. It measures 1.75 to 3 inch high.


Wild Animal Print Cakes and Party Supplies


Leopard Print Glass Appetizer & Dessert Plates

 If you wish to make the wild animal themed party be more fun and enjoyable, you can serve the cakes or cupcakes using these dessert plates. Children will love its leopard print design and will surely feel the theme of your party.


12 Zoo Animal Print Goody Bags

12 Zoo Animal Print Goody BagsCredit: Amazon.com


To make the party unique, the cupcakes can be served using this goody bags with zoo animal print. Each set contains 12 fun and festive animal print paper sacks. It features 3 each of zebra, tiger, leopard and giraffe. This can also be used when giving out party favors and goodies.

Fox Run Dinosaur Standard Bake Cups, 50 Cups

 The cupcakes will surely be a great match to the wild animal theme of the party by using these dinosaur design baking cups. Each pack has 50 cups to use for the cupcakes. It measures 3 inch W x 1.25 inch Deep.

Black Zebra Cupcake Liners Baking Cups Standard Size 50 Count

 These black zebra cupcake cups are perfect for a wild animal themed party. The paper is greaseproof and food safe. Each pack has 50 beautifully designed baking cups.

Wilton Jungle Pal Baking Cups

 These baking cups come in standard size only. These are fluted paper baking cup for lining cavities of muffin pans. It can be used in making cupcakes particularly for a wild animal themed party.

Zoo Animal Cupcake Food Picks - Set of 12

 These cupcake food picks can be topped onto the cupcakes or even cakes. It features 4 animal designs such as the elephant, leopard, lion and giraffe. These can give you the chance to decorate your own cupcake or cake.

Leopard Cupcake Baking Cups

Leopard Cupcake Baking CupsCredit: Amazon.com


The leopard print will always be present in an animal themed party. These cupcake baking cups features the leopard print to make the cupcakes suitable for the party. Each set contains 50 cups to use.

Edible Jungle Animals Sugar Decorations (8 pc)

 These sugar decorations can be topped onto the cake or cupcakes. It features 8 different designs of jungle animals. These cake toppers are edible and children will surely enjoy munching on these animals. It is perfect for a party with wild animal or jungle theme.

Zoo Animals Cake Topper

 These cake toppers are made of plastic. It features zoo animals and can make one decorate their own personal cake. It includes a monkey, lion, zebra and elephant.

Zoo Animal Character Cupcake Picks - 24 Assorted

 This cupcake pick set includes 24 different designs of zoo animals. This is perfect for cupcakes and can even be used on cakes. It is reusable and made of durable plastic.

Safari Cakes Cupcakes(a28) - Safari & Zoo Animals 8 Re-Usable Cake Pics & Party Favors

 These useful cupcake picks feature different animals in the safari and zoo. It can be used on cupcakes, cakes and even pancakes. It is reusable and can even serve as party favors.

Wild Rainforest / Jungle Animals Cake Topper Kit

Wild Rainforest / Jungle Animals Cake Topper KitCredit: Amazon.com


This cake topper kit will make your imagination work as you can decorate your cake and make it look like a jungle. This set includes 6 PVC jungle animals, 2 plastic palm trees, 2 bushes and 1 tree.

Set of 6 Mini Molded Barnyard Farm Animal Cake Candles

 These candles have barnyard animal designs. It is perfect for an animal or barn themed party. Each set includes a horse, chicken, cow, barn, and sheep and pig candles. They measure 1.5" x 1.5" each.

Wilton Animals and Stars 6 Mix Sprinkle Assortment

 If you do not have any cake or cupcake topper, you ca just use these sprinkles with animal designs or shapes. These can even make the cake or cupcakes more attractive and colorful. Kids will surely enjoy identifying the shapes they have on their cakes or cupcakes.


Zebra Eco-Cupcake Stand + KIT

Zebra Eco-Cupcake Stand + KITCredit: Amazon.com

Make a dramatic presentation with this zebra print cake stand. It is 8" 11" 14" tall and holds 40 cupcakes.


    Wild Animal Print Cakes and Party Supplies



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