IVets best waterless cat bath forCredit: Diane Palmerf anyone has ever bathed a cat and lived to tell the story my hat is off to you, because it would take a team to get my cat anywhere near water!  That is why while researching products to use I found out about Vets Best Waterless Cat Bath for cats.

It is not slimy or greasy, it is more of a gentle foam or mousse style product, that you gently rub into your cat’s fur and then simply brush it out.

I have tried powders before that claim to freshen your cat, and they did sort of work, except for the fact I now had power residue everywhere!  By using this foaming product, there is none of that.

I was a bit surprised my cat would allow her fur to get a bit wet, because there is some dampness as the product is massaged into the fur, but she didn’t seem bothered at all.  Now my cat loves any kind of attention, and petting is something she can tolerate for hours actually, so this part was not hard.

Vets Best Waterless Cat Bath For CatsCredit: Amazon.com

Veterinarian's Best Dry Clean Waterless Cat Bath Foam, 4oz.

I didn’t let her see the product at first, so she just thought she was getting an awesome petting, which was fine by me.  Once it is massaged in, then you take your pet brush and brush them.  If you feel it is a bit too damp you can rub them with a towel first, but I found it dried quickly and the slight fragrance had a calming feel to it.

The cat loved it, and her fur looks amazing and shiny.  She is an older fat cat, and does not groom herself like she used to, and so I thought something like this would freshen up her coat d it does that job quite well.  You can use this as often as you want to, and it can be used on kittens as well as full grown cats.

It quietly comes out of the bottle, which for my cat, any sudden noise of a product bottle would send her fleeing, so you can use this without them really noticing.  The slightly botanical smell is not overpowering, it is just very slight.

So, instead of trying to dunk your cat into a tub of water, consider getting a waterless cat bath treatment.  It is better for the cat (not all stressed) it is better for you (not all scratched up) and it is better for your house (no screeching wet cat running through the house at high speed and heading under your best furniture!)

This is a totally harmless product for you and them, you can use your hands to rub it in, and they can even clean themselves afterwards and it won’t bother them, they seem to relax, not sure it is from all the awesome massage and petting or the calming fragrance, but it works.

You can get Vets best waterless cat bath for cats from most pet supply stores, or you can also get it online at sites such as Amazon.  Shopping online can give you a larger assortment of pet products to choose from and have delivered right to your door!

Waterless Cat Bath

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