After wearing for just a few weeks people have got rid of back pain, and foot problems. They are a funky head turning alternative and give you more a sense of your surroundings as you feel the earth beneath you. They are machine washable and come if a variety of styles and colors.


They take getting used to, as your body is trained to wear 'traditional shoes' over many years. They can be expensive, especially if importing them and they do need washing to stop them from smelling. They aren't easy to get on in a hurry but you do get used to it.

Full Review

Vibram Five Fingers are the barefoot alternative. Did you know that by wearing shoes with a built up heel (as most male and females shoes are) you are putting your whole body out of alignment and causing back pain, skeletal issues and poor muscular development. By going barefoot, as nature intended, you body is allowed to move as it evolved to do so and you will be healthier for it. Of course walking around barefoot isn't always practical. On the average street there are hazards everywhere from broken glash to curbs and more that could cause you serious injury. This is where Vibram Five Fingers come in. They allow you the barefoot experience whilst enabling you to have protection for your feet from the elements of the modern world.

In Closing

For those seeking a more natural way of living, or even those who just like to stand out and be different then Vibram Five Finger shoes are for you. They are very comfortable once you get used to them and it is great to know that you are doing your body good.