Nail fungus on your feet will not clear up on its own - therefore it's important to get a good nail fungus treatment such as Lamisil or Vicks VaporRub to help get rid of it fast. Your toenails can easily become infected the same way you get athlete's foot. Along with ingrown toenails, this is a common problem that people get. Also known as onychomycosis, toe nail fungus is not fun to have. I will list of the symptoms below as well as why I think Lamisil and Vicks Vapor Rub are the two best products to cure it. 

Symptoms of Nail Fungus 

- It's also known as ringworm of the nail, dermatophytic onychomycosis, or tinea unguium. 

- This is a fungal infection like Athlete's Foot but it begins as a whitish or yellowish spot under one or more of your toe or fingernails. It may cause your skin to discolor and thicken, turning black, yellow or white. 

- Pieces of the nail then may start to come off one by one. It can then become painful if you don't treat it. 

- Toenail infections are more common than in the fingernails. 

*Treating Nail Fungus with Vicks Vapor Rub or "VapoRub"

This is a popular way to treat nail fungus - check it out below.

Vicks VapoRub Cough Suppressant Chest and Throat Topical Analgesic Ointment 1.76 Oz (Pack of 3)
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Many people claim that using this product to cure nail fungus works!

Besies VapoRub by Vicks, a top recommendation for treating this condition is using Lamisil's antifungal medication.

*Lamisil AT Antifungal Cream*

- Relieves itching, burning, cracking, and scaling.

- Apply twice a day (morning and night) for 1 week or as directed by a doctor.

Check it out below.

Oral Form of Lamisil? Terbinafine or "Fungoid Tincture" Treatment

You may actually be looking for the oral form of Lamisil instead, known as TERBINAFINE.

This is used to treat the fungus and should be very effective. You can get a prescription from a doctor OR you can buy a non-prescription bottle online like the one listed below, which is very similiar to Lamisil.

*Terbinafine Tablets - Non Prescription 

Home Remedy for Treating Toenail Fungus?

What are some possible home remedies? Here are some that might work. 

- I've read that this works: treating your feet with warm water mixed with lemon juice for about a half hour and then applying the Vicks VapoRub on the nails right before you go to bed. You have to do this on a daily basis but it should work!

- Using Tea Tree Oil is another possible remedy. Try applying this to the infected nails, with a Q-Tip. 

- If none of this has worked, you may need an oral medication to treat the infection and you should consider seeing a foot doctor. 

I hope either of these products - VapoRub by Vicks and Lamisil - will help cure you of your nail fungus!