Victoria Principal Has Retained Her Beauty Throughout The Years

Victoria Principal (born January 3, 1950) in Fukuoka, Japan while her father, Victor Principal was stationed there. She is best known for her role as Pam Ewing in the hit television series Dallas. During her famous role as one of the infamous Ewings, she also ventured into other business enterprises. 

Victoria Principal  married Christopher Skinner in 1978. They met  on the set of Dallas but divorced just two years later. She dated teen heart throb, Andy Gibb in 1981 but the relationship was unable to sustain itself due to Andy Gibb's alleged drug issues.  She remarried again in 1985 and remained married until she divorced in 2006.

Plastic Surgery: There has been many rumors that Victoria Principal has had plastic surgery, however she denies it and says that her beautiful skin is due to her line of beauty products and not plastic surgery. It would be counterproductive to have a line of beauty products that claim to give dramatic results and then run out and get work done on your face. However, rumors still persist, especially with photos of her red face circulating the internet.

Victoria Princial Photo 16

Things Victoria Principal is Known For:

  • She moved to Hollywood in 1970  with no money and no place to stay, she supported herself by playing backgammon
  • Mega Role in Dallas as Pam Ewing
  • Spokesperson for Juvenile Arthritis
  • $200,000 donation to the Gulf Coast Clean up in 2010
  • Founding member of Legacy Park in Malibu California
  • Gave aid to the California Wild Fire recovery
  • She has played roles in many other television shows: Fantasy Island, Titans and Home Improvement.
  • She is the only member of the cast of Dallas that was allowed to profit personally from her outside endeavors, sho she was able to do commercials, movies, write books and retain control and ownership over her image. Very smart woman.
  • Created her own line of beauty products in 1989 called Principal Secret which is reported to have made over $1billion  in sales.
  • She received an honorary degree in business from Drexel University in 1995.
  • She recently started Keys & Hearts in 2011. Keys & Hearts is her personal line of jewelry products.

Dallas TV Cast Then and Now


Historic Photos of Victoria Principal


Victoria Princial Photo 15Credit:



Victoria Princial Photo 1Credit: All rights reserved by ArthritisFoundation-PR

1984 (child with Juvenile Arthritis, President Ronald Regan and Victoria Principal)

Victoria Princial Photo 2(61433)Credit:

Actor George Peppard with Victoria Principal



Dallas TV Series Cast: Then and Now



Victoria Princial Photo 3Credit:

Victoria Principal at the 1987 Emmy Awards

Photo by Alan Light


Victoria Princial Photo 4Credit:

Victoria Principal Jhirmack print ad

Victoria Princial Photo 5Credit:

Victoria Principal with Linda Gray

Victoria Princial Photo 6Credit:

Victoria with Paul Hagman and Patrick Duffy


Victoria Princial Photo 6(61438)Credit: Victoria Princial Photo 7Credit:


Victoria Princial Photo 7(61440)Credit:


Victoria Principal Recent Photos

Victoria Princial Photo 9Credit: Victoria Princial Photo 10Credit:


Victoria Principal Beauty Products


Victoria Princial Photo 11Credit: Victoria Princial Photo 12Credit: Victoria Princial Photo 13Credit: Victoria Princial Photo 14Credit:


Victoria Principal Beauty Products

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