Salvaging Old Hardware

Keeping a house historically correct begins and ends with the details. Small details including door hinges, door knobs, drawer pulls or even shelf brackets make all the difference between a stunning house and a house that looks as if it was just thrown together. Thankfully, remodelers have realized there is aesthetic value in antique or vintage hardware and carefully remove it to preserve a part of history. Vintage hardware is used both in modern homes and houses that have been standing for years and years. Modern decorators use vintage pieces to add drama and flair to the décor. Vintage-inspired decorators use antique hardware to make a home feel as if you've stepped back in time. Whatever your idea, vintage hardware adds character to the surroundings.

Reclaimed Hardware

Add vintage knobs to new or old cabinets and furniture. Homeowners and home decorators can choose to use hardware reclaimed from a remodeling project or buy new hardware that looks like its vintage counterparts. Typically, reclaimed hardware requires some care and cleaning before you can use it on doors, drawers, furniture or walls. In the past, painters who weren't careful would slop paint onto walls and doors and end up coating the hardware. A few brush strokes later and hinges were covered with paint. Some hardware was left unattended by its owners and rust developed. Removing rust and paint are often necessary before installing the new-old hardware.

Vintage Glass Drawer Knobs

Vintage glass knobs adorn drawers and drawers, making a so-so piece of furniture or kitchen cabinet spectacular. Glass knobs come in a wide variety of styles and colors ranging from depression glass to milk glass to porcelain. Over time and through much use the glass remains stunning while the metal parts may become tarnished. Apply a commercially available tarnish remover to the metal parts, let it dry and buff it with a soft cloth. Some decorators prefer the tarnish because it adds charm to the room.

Vintage Glass Drawer Pulls

Adding vintage or vintage inspire drawer pulls adds just the right touch to cabinet drawers in kitchen or bathroom or on pieces of furniture. Glass drawer pulls add style and charm to new or old cabinets and furniture.

Vintage Glass Doorknobs

Collectors and decorators seek the beautiful glass or porcelain door knobs of yesteryear for highly decorative purposes. Vintage doorknobs were often made of glass ranging from ruby red to cobalt blue to glistening clear to Coke bottle green. Depression glass is highly sought after and looks amazing in any setting. Porcelain door knobs are also highly collectible and are used frequently in vintage homes.

Repairing Chipped Vintage Glass Knobs and Pulls

Vintage glass knobs and drawer pulls saw a lot of use over the years. Some glass knobs and pulls may have a small chips that deter you from a purchase - don't let it. If the chips are small, fill them in will epoxy repair gel. The gel will cover small rough edges and make the chip much less noticeable.

Removing Old Hinges from Doors

Match up a screwdriver to the slot in the screw head. Give the screwdriver a turn to the left to loosen the screw. If the screw is stuck or rusted in place, spray WD-40 onto the rusted or stubborn screw. Let it sit for 10 minutes or so and then remove the screw.
Many times the hinge will stay in place. Place a screwdriver at the bottom of the hinge pin and give it a tap with a wood or rubber mallet to remove the pins.
Place the pins and screws in a small box or bag to keep all pieces together and helps to prevent loss.
Place a metal putty knife up to the edge of the hinge and gently tap the handle to free the hinge from the door.

Cleaning Rusted Door Hinges and Hardware

Lay rags or a thick layer of newspaper down on a flat and stable work surface.
Lay any rusted metal on the rags or newspaper.
Gently sand the rust off of the hinges and hardware with 120-grit sandpaper or 000-grade steel wool.
If the hinges have a lot of detail or recesses that are not accessible with sandpaper or steel wool, place the rusted hinges in a plastic container. Pour in enough white vinegar to cover the metal and let it sit overnight.
Remove the hinges from the vinegar bath and rub with a soft cloth. The white vinegar will remove the corrosion.

Keep Vintage Hardware from Rusting

If you want painted hardware:
Apply two to three coats of Rust-O-leum rust inhibiting primer to the hinges and hardware. Let each coat of primer dry for at least three hours between coats.
Apply the paint color of your choice and allow the hinge or hardware to dry for four to six hours before installing it.
If you prefer the look of metal:
Paint on two to three coats of Rust-O-leum clear rust inhibitor. Let each coat dry for at least three hours in between.
Wait at least six hours before installing the hardware.

Vintage Door Hinges

Vintage and vintage inspired door hinges are highly decorative and unique. They are like pieces of metal work art. Most homeowners don't notice their plain door hinges until they see the highly decorative and attractive hinges of days gone by.

Door Knockers

Approaching a front door adorned with a vintage or vintage inspired door knocker sets the tone for the what's inside the home. Door knockers are very popular and highly collectible pieces and will fit the theme for any home.

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Vintage Shelf Brackets

Who doesn't love the decorative touches that go the extra mile? In today's homes we see a lot of free-floating shelves or shelves with a typical L-bracket holding them to the wall. In days past, if it was seen - it was decorative. Many of the shelf brackets were made of cast iron and were left to fall into disrepair. Follow the above instructions from rust and corrosion removal to restore reclaimed shelf brackets.

Vintage Floor Registers

Decorative floor registers give a room character. Today's floor registers are basically a set of fins encased in a metal housing - yawn. Add pizzazz and drama to a boring, everyday piece. All of these decorative hardware pieces make a home seem like so much more. Paying attention to detail - pays off.