Victorian style Christmas cards are great to send to your family and friends. The Victorian era lasted from 1837 to 1901. Cards from the early 1900s are often categorized as Victorian even if they were produced after Queen Victoria's reign. These cards are a good choice for anyone who loves the vintage look and anyone who displays their Christmas cards in their home.

Victorian style Christmas cards come in many different themes. While many of them are quite unique, a lot of them can be grouped with similar cards. The most popular depictions tend to be Santa Claus, angels, and children.

Victorian Santa Cards

old fashioned santa cardEveryone knows what Santa Claus looks like, with his twinkling eyes and his red suit. But this modern depiction of Father Christmas isn't the only one. He is almost always shown with a long white beard, so that hasn't changed. But his outfit certainly has.

In many Victorian Christmas cards, Santa is wearing red. Sometimes it is a suit like the one he wears today. Other times his outfit is a long robe. He may be wearing a hat, or he may have a hood covering his head. Other robe colors include blue and green.

In almost all of these old fashioned Santa Christmas cards he is carrying a bag full of toys, usually consisting of a doll and a ball or a train set. In many cards there is also an American flag sticking out of his pack. Saint Nicholas is often shown standing outside in the snow with a forest behind him. He is often carrying a not-yet-decorated Christmas tree.

While he is most often drawn with a bag of toys and a Christmas tree, there are many Victorian Santa cards that get more creative. You might find one where he is riding in a horseless carriage, or listening to a vintage radio or talking on an old fashioned telephone.

Victorian Angel Cards

Vintage angel Christmas cards was another popular theme during the Victorian era. Many of these angels are young women with wings and perhaps halos. Occasionally the angels are chubby cherubs. They are often shown with Christmas trees or surrounded by holly. Stars are often drawn on Christmas cards featuring angels.

Victorian Christmas Cards Featuring Children

While Christmas is a holiday that people of all ages celebrate, it does hold special meaning for children. This was as true one hundred years ago as it is today. Many cards feature young boys and young girls. These are some of the most popular cards today because it is fascinating to see how children dressed back then. The era was considered more innocent, so these cards symbolize the purity of the holidays.

A lot of these also show Santa Claus. They may be peering out the window at him or he may be delivering their presents. Other cards will show the children hanging their stockings on the fireplace or show them outside in the snow.

Where to buy Victorian Christmas Cards

So, where can you buy Victorian style Christmas cards? Well, if you go to flea markets and antique stores you may be able to find originals. While this is fun, it's not always the most effective way to find Christmas cards to send to people.

Your best bet is to find a place where original Victorian Christmas cards are digitally restored. A good example of this is Zazzle, where you will find these Christmas cards for sale along with other products.