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VideoMakerFX is here and it is an amazing success. In mere weeks, nearly 50,000 people have used it to create their own videos. The application provides the easiest way for practically anyone to enter the exciting world of video production.

Now you can get a free bundle of 10 Instant Video Template files when you buy VideoMakerFX through this link. These templates let you speed the development time even further. Check out each of the 10 templates here. As an added bonus, the link here also provides you with the "Legal Music" product.

Instant Video Template Number 1

Legal Music

Legal Music is a royalty free pack of 40 digital music tracks that you can use as background audio with VideoMakerFX. Each of the tracks provides a new feel for your final video. There's acoustic organ, Jazz, Blues, and more. Each track is provided with commercial resale rights. That allows you to bundle them into your video which you can sell to a client. The license is compatible with the VideoMakerFX licensing rights. Get it with your purchase.

Legal Music Tracks 1 - 10

Legal Music Tracks 11 - 20

Scenes and Themes

VideoMakerFX comes with dozens of video scenes that you can use to make your own content. There are themes, too. For example, one set of scenes is in the 3D Image set. This gives you multiple options for your images. Each will present your image in a 3D view. You can select whether you want a caption or not. You can adjust the color of the caption. You can adjust the duration of the image display.
VideoMakerFX Slide SetCredit: javrsmith
Other themes provide dynamic text. These are with or without on-screen characters. You video can start as:
"This is Frank", where a character is shown. It can then continue as "Frank has a problem". The video would then present the problem and your solution. If you want, you can change the text so that Frank can have any of these options:
- a problem
- a dilemma
- an issue
- etc

You can adjust all of the text in the VideoMakerFX slides. There are background effects which add motion to the slides. There are extras, such as arrows, which can draw attention to areas on the video. For example, arrows can point downwards, showing the viewer where they may want to click a subscription link.

The builder application also includes a gallery of images that you can use. These are fully licensed for your productions. Use them for various slides. They can complement your own images. Make sure that you use the included shots, your own, or those for which you have full commercial rights. There are major financial penalties for misusing content and it is up to you to ensure that you are legally compliant.

VideoMakerFX makes it easy to create videos. In a test, one of the Instant Video Templates was used as the starting point. From start to finish, the video took 59 seconds to create. That was for a simple production, but it shows the power of the tool, and a template. With just a little use, anyone will be able to create a video in record time.

In practice, an experienced video production person will now be able to create content in perhaps 30 to 60 minutes. This will include time adjusting and adding images, adding text, and testing. It will not include time for script creation, voice-over work, or audio editing. All told, a complete 60 second piece may take a couple of hours for a completely professional job, complete with background music and a voice track.

Web masters have found that having video generates traffic. That's because people love to watch them. In fact, many searchers will bypass text and image results for HD options. (Yes, the application does create HD MP4 files!) YouTube is now one of the most important sites on the Internet due to the popularity of clips. Mobile users love them. Desktop users love them. As a result, search engines love them.

Instant Video Template Number 2


Legal Music, (included with your purchase of the application), is an important addition. Consider the value of having 40 background audio tracks. These are fully licensed for commercial resale use. Your work for clients can include them. Audio sets the mood for images and clips. Legal Music gives you 40 options. Tempo is fast or slow. Themes are upbeat or downbeat. They are simple, or complicated, depending on the track. The creation tool comes with 20 tracks so with this bonus, you will have 60 to choose from.

The consequences of ignoring music licensing can be very expensive. Industry has a history of quickly finding violations of copyright, and pressing violators for payment. Depending on the situation, fines range from hundreds, to tens of thousands of dollars. These are levied on regular people and big corporations alike. Don't take any chances. Make sure that you only use licensed content in your productions.

If you have a Canon or Nikon camera, or even an iPhone/Android one, you have the tools you need to start producing videos. Take shots that you can put together with a theme. Switch the template shots for your own. Add a background audio track. Optionally add a voice-over. Generate an MP4 file. You get the option to generate in full HD, or small formats to fit mobile and tablet screens.

Get VideoMakerFX now and pick up these free bonuses:
Legal Music - 40 tracks of background audio, with full commercial resale licenses
10 Instant Video Templates - 10 different files that will let you generate your own work in record time.

The tool is waiting to convert you into a master videographer! Get it today before the price rises. Get any and all upgrades that are offered during the sales process. These really extend the functionality and are a great bargain. You can now create in minutes what previously took many hours. It is truly an Internet content game changer!