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In this article I'm going to share with you my experiences using video websites to upload videos I created. I've used dozens of them and they all seem to share the same rules, guidelines and policies.

In the winter 2009 I started to create videos. I was thrilled I finally found the time and got organized enough to sit down and learn how to use a webcam and taught myself how to upload videos to the web. I'm not the most savvy computer person but over time I learned .

In the winter 2009 I created my first YouTube account. I went out and bought a Logitech web cam and created dozens of videos. I created videos of myself speaking into the camera explaining to people how I started to write online to generate revenue and how I used all free resources to do it. I then started to create instructional videos showing people how to navigate through websites so they too can learn without totally teaching themselves. I received over 5000 views within a couple of months and I was good. Then it happened, my account was suspended because of copyright infringement. In order to use a websites platform within a video I needed signed permission from the websites. I was devastated and down in the dumps. What was I to do? I watched and still watch others creating video using website platforms but those people are still there. All I could think of is that someone who was selling information did not like me around because people were following me. This was not the first time someone got angry with me but tough. I spent years researching how to create multiple streams of income using all free resources. I decided to move on to try other video websites.

I started over one day browsing the web for other free to use video websites and I found at least a dozen. I created accounts, kept all my confirmation emails within one email folder and when I had the time I created new videos. I created the same kind of videos I described above. I uploaded videos and one by one the videos were denied. These video websites did not suspend my accounts but I was told I could not promote the kind of opportunity I was promoting. I just could not understand why someone would mind me sharing information with like-minded people because I was not selling anything. Yet again, information sells and many people don't want others to find out how people grow an Internet Business using free resources. Again I felt like I was being blacklisted from every video website. I was informed by many of them that I could pay to create videos if I wanted to promote how to start an Internet Business. I said to myself what? I wasn't selling anything but I was telling people in my videos how to write online to slowly earn revenue and build on it over time. I find it challenging and exciting that I know what I know and I understand how getting people to join through my referral links would only help me get where I wanted to be faster. If people follow me I am more than happy to help them learn and grow. That's the point here.

Recently I started to create a blog and still working on it. I'm creating the blog for a purpose. I am posting links to all of the free resources I use online to generate revenue. I have good quality content AND I uploaded videos to it. I am using blogger (a google platform) and with blogger I am allowed to upload videos explaining how I use free resources to generate income. Finally I found a way to add video to my blogs.

It's now 9/28/10 and today I uploaded a video to my new Free Write Revenue Streams Facebook page. I clicked upload and waited and even after the video was uploaded I still waited. I was waiting to be told I can't do that but no worries. Facebook has no problem with me uploading videos explaining how I use free resources to generate revenue.

In the months to come I will be uploading videos here using Infobarrel. I did get a video uploaded a long time ago but I was not confident nor was I experienced enough. Because of my past experiences I will be using the Infobarrel platform to upload videos to help people along. I want to share with people how to expand and grow their Internet Business starting with writing articles and working their way up. I feel it's sometimes easier to get your point across using video.

I hope you enjoyed this article and look forward to watching everyone learn and grow their Internet Business. Enjoy.