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You're going to need more than eyes in the back of your head to ensure that your baby is safe when you're away from the room and a video baby monitor will do this for you. You will want to make use of this cutting-edge technology to keep watch over your baby all the time. When you realize what a video baby monitor can do for you, you will want to get one. Not only can you keep an eye on your baby from another room in your house, but you will also know when baby’s sleeping and went not to go in and disturb him.

Normally if you heard something coming from baby's room, you would go into the room to make sure baby's o.k. Now if you had a monitor set up, you can easily check on baby without having to go into the room and disturb him.

Nearly all these units are portable which gives you the freedom to keep an eye on baby while doing things in other rooms in the house. This gives you the option to do other housework while baby is sleeping without having to keep sneaking in to see if he's o.k.

The LCD screen on the receiving unit gets it signal from the video baby monitor and can help you decide if your baby needs immediate attention or can wait. The real nice advantage is you do not have to get out of the bed during the night to check up on baby. Baby may be moving around a lot because it is restless. On the other hand, now that you can see your baby from the comfort of your bed you can check things and then simply go back to sleep. My grandma would have loved one of these bringing up her 11 kids.

There are many brands and makes of video baby monitors that you can buy. You can pick out the one which has the features you want. Many of them have LED lights that light up to signal when your baby is crying. Some have lullabies built in for when your baby is restless. Most come with a belt clip so you can take it with you. The summer infant monitor unit allows you to have more than one receiver this is great for having one in your bedroom and another for using in the room you're in.

You can get one with a color monitor instead of the black and white monitor. Certainty is worth the money and I am sure you will agree that it's a great device for you and your baby.