Are You Video Blogging Yet?

Every now and again a new wave of technology enters the online environment and threatens to change the way we do things. Right now video blogging is undoubtedly that phenomenon.

Video blogging has become possible because of increases in Internet speed.

In the UK most of us now have a decent level of Internet connection, either through ADSL or through fibre-optic broadband. Over the coming years fibre-optic broadband is going to roll out to around 90% of the population.

In addition, mobile broadband is rolling around the UK and will probably hit around 99% of the UK population through the various mobile networks. This will mean that we will have superfast mobile broadband offering speeds upwards of 10 MB per second in most locations.

We are already seeing people spend more time watching TV and streaming videos online. It makes sense that websites will increasingly go this way.

Benefits Of Video

One of the biggest benefits of video content is that you can push forward a personality for your business. People buy from people this is an age old fact. With the Internet we have somewhat lost the ability to communicate in a personal way to our prospects and customers.

The Virgin Example

If you take a look at the success of the Virgin brand, it is built around Richard Branson. Branson is at just about every media event and launch event. He is the spearhead and personality of the business. Virgin is Richard Branson, and Richard Branson is Virgin. They are synonymous.

Video content gives you the opportunity to have a similar effect.

Selling online is very similar to selling off-line. The customer has to relate to your company and the people in your company. Through developing rich media content for different aspects of your business you can dramatically increase the success of your online sales channels.

Developing Videos

It’s important that you create high-quality videos that align with your brand. There is no point having fuzzy videos with poor sound quality, as these will just distract and put off your customers.

Setting up a studio is so simple. You can jump onto eBay and grab everything you need for around £100. Of course, that wouldnt include the camera.

What You Need?

To set up a video shoot you will need a camera, effective lighting, a microphone that plugs into the camera, and ideally a green garish sheet of sufficient size to use as a backdrop.

By having a green sheet behind as a backdrop you can put whatever you want behind the subjects when it comes to editing the video. You can therefore make the video extremely professional, by either making the background totally white, or adding a scene, either static or moving. You can also add callouts and information to the video.

It seems like all of this should be very hard work. However, you only need a small space and with the correct software it can be relatively easy. Find a tutorial online and work out how to create the best business videos you can.

Outsourcing to a professional can be expensive, especially when you can do the business side of it and the video side of it in-house.

Ideas For Video Content

Different businesses will suit different types of video content. In some situations you may be able to do tutorials for videos, making them fun and instructional.

In some cases you may want to do a special introduction to using the website. This may take visitors through the order process so that they are clear about exactly how things work.

You may want a monthly message describing new points of interest in your sector. In this way you can become an authority and get your information shared through social media.

You could do articles with videos so that you can explain how to do different things, best practice in the industry, or even just how your business operates.

Whatever is relevant to your business and interesting to your prospects can be put in a video. If it can go in an article, it can probably go in the video.

Get Some Personality In

It is crucial that you get some personality into videos. If you have one key figure who is best at the videos then maybe feature them most on your website. If they are able to really connect with the camera they can send your business through the roof.

Take a professional approach to the development of the video and make sure that the content is well scripted, yet has enough room for ad hoc interest and personality. Humour works very well, but make sure that it is at the right level to fit in with your brand.

Using video gives you the opportunity to really damage your brand if you dont get the tone and feel correct. However, you really can enliven and revitalise a brand if you get it right. With a static IP broadband connection you can even broadcast live from your computer. Alternatively you can use a service such as GoToWebinar.

Use Social Media

It is vital that you use social media to promote your video content. If it is worth sharing then share it. People will share video content much more readily than article content, especially if they connect with it. This is an opportunity to really get your business out into the devices of your target demographic. Use that opportunity.

There is no doubt that video blogging is the future. We all love to know who we are talking to and who we are engaging with. Video enables us to do that. You only have to look at the power of TV in our lives to understand how important visual content is.

Multiply this many times and you know how much impact it can have on your business now and in the future. Become an early adopter and you will surely reap the rewards now, and through brand development long into the future.

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