Getting the Right iPad Video Size With Your iPad Video Convertor

Handbrake video conversion for iPadThere are a myriad of video conversion tools for you to be able to convert your movies to the correct settings for the Amazing iPad. Some of them are easy to use and some of them have a large number of settings which can be very confusing. The correct setting that you looking for in terms of frame size is 1024 x 576 pixels. It has to be an Mpeg4 file and not a Quicktime for it to get moved to the iPad so you can watch it.

Lets have a look at is some different software to convert video for iPad starting with a look at Video Monkey, Handbrake, Visualhub, Miro video converter and will also have a look at ffMPEG X and MPEG StreamClip. Some of those converters do a better job than others, some of them are very simple. And some of them have a huge number of settings that can have you totally confused.

Some of the video converters make it really easy with a specialist setting for the iPad, that is already set for you and you don’t have to do anything else. There are others that don’t have a specific setting for the iPad, but it is possible to arrange some settings, so that it sets it to exactly what you’re looking for. In those configurable convertors it is better if you are able to save the settings to use again and with some of the them we will be looking at it, is possible to do that.

Miro Video Converter for iPad

 Miro Video Converter for iPad

The first video converter for iPad will look at is the Miro Video Converter. This one is very simple and you just can’t go wrong. You drag and drop your video to a space in the middle of the small window for the application. Then you choose from a drop down list, to pick a device or video format. In the Apple devices list you have iPhone iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod classic, iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4, iPad and Apple Universal. You can choose to convert for other devices such as PlayStation portable, Android devices, Nexus One, Droid and Hero. So lets select iPad from the list. While simplest convertor is very good, it would be nice if you could choose the name of the output file, because you don’t get any other choices here. Once it has started you can click on show FF MPEG but that information window is not very much use to anyone. But at least you can be sure you will certainly have a finished file that will, without a doubt, work on your iPad.

Video Monkey - Not ready to swing yet

Next to look at is Video Monkey and what are the best video monkey settings for iPad. There are a number of settings that you can use with Video Monkey and there is not one exactly specific for iPad. So go to the list to choose * First Gen Apple TV* it is the one that is most likely to work for you. We are trying to get the frame size to 1024 x 576 for the iPad. The settings within the video monkey app don’t allow you to change it from for example if the video is a frame size of 1280 by 720. The video will still play in the iPod if it is set at that video resolution, but it is not optimum. If you put in a file in video monkey that is smaller than the size we require for example 960 x 544 there is a check box that will allow you to limit output params input. That keeps the video the same size as the original but converts it to the right encoding for the iPad. There are better video convertors than VideoMonkey.

Best Video Monkey Settings For Ipad

Stop - Handbrake could be all you need to convert video for iPad

Handbrake video conversion for iPad

Handbrake is another video converter that has a preset in there for iPad. in the top row of the application in the icons, on the right hand side you have a toggle presets button. So if you can’t see the flyout menu click on that button and you will see that you have presets for Apple regular and Legacy. In amongst the Apple possibilities is one for the  iPad. It also gives a frame rate of 29.97 (NTSC video) as part of the preset. I think I prefer to select for it to be same as source. On files I’ve tested, this has worked okay. All you need to do to get it started is to click on the button Start and off it goes.

One for the video geeks - FFMPEGX conversion of movies for iPad

FFMPEGx video for iPad

FF MPEG X video convertor for iPad is a front end for some command line video converters. This is quite complicated and there are a lots of things that you can change such as, video parameters, various audio settings, filters or maybe you would like to do a de-interlace of the video. With this FF MPEG X on the summary window you’ll see the source format and to the right the target format. Here you can select a quick preset. IPad is not in the presets, but I have used H.264 and that has worked. There are different types of h.264 to choose and one I found works was the one called X264.

With the audio settings you can choose from different audio codecs such as MP3. AC3 Dolby digital, PCM, or AAC. But I think the best thing to do is to just click on passthrough and have the tick box, encode audio, ticked. FF MPEG X is a very good converter but it does take some extra setting up because you have to download some extra files after you have the first part of the application loaded, so this is for the tech heads amongst you.

Visual Hub was good in its day

VisualHub is application which although is not really still in production, can be got and will do a good job of converting video for the iPad. It doesn’t have any preset for the iPad, but is easy to set it up and to save the settings. Another application which is good for converting video for the iPad is MPEG stream clip.

MPEG StreamClip - Lots of options in a top notch video convertor for iPad

With MPEG StreamClip, what you do is to click on the file menu and then choose Export to QuickTime. In compression settings there are a lot of choices, in there as you want to select H.264. You may leave the sound as uncompressed. In the frame size choose other and the numbers to put in are 1024 and 576. You may choose interlaced scaling also. To save a preset you click on the button presets and then in a new window that pops up. You click on yes to create a new name. Type in the word iPad and click okay. Click to use this preset again when you need to do another video for iPad.

To start the conversion process click on make movie and it will do the conversion for you. One thing that is a neat trick with MPEG Streamclip is that you can choose in points and out points so that you can trim the start and finish from the movie if you want to.

Recommendations for the best video converter for iPad

Miro Video Converter for iPad

  • The easiest and does a good job is Miro Video Converter - Simply by dragging a file into the application and drop it and there you go, that’s all you have to do.
  • Handbrake is also quite good but there are more settings, same with Visualhub if you can get it.
  • Video Monkey I don’t recommend at the moment, but it may get better.
  • MPEG StreamClip is one for the nerds or the geeks amongst you who want more settings to play with.
  • FFMpegX is also one for the sophisticated users.

So I would say that the winner for most iPad users to convert video for ipad free, and is available on other platforms apart from the Mac also, Is Miro Video Converter. If you are more technically able then I suggest you choose MPEG stream clip or FFMPEGx or handbrake.