Hello and Welcome Everyone,

I felt creating a video demonstration would be helpful to some people who are new and still learning the importance of creating backlinks to increase traffic and to expand their presence online.

When many people start creating backlinks they ususally (like myself) think over night they will see an increase to views to their articles, blogs or post. Creating backlinks daily, weekly or monthly over time draws traffic to your many articles, blogs and posts. I feel backlinks are a never ending process of internet marketing. The process can go on for as long as you want it to.

I did my best to give a detail demonstration to creating backlinks and explain how each time we create a new backlink we actually create a new web address/URL. Creating many web addresses/URLs is great when you promoting online because you create many new and unique web addresses/URL to submit throughout the web without being told that URL is already indexed at a website.

I hope you enjoy the demonstration and hope it helps many of you learn more quickly why creating backlinks can help expand and grow your Internet business. Have a great day.

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