Edge MagazinePeople who play video games are unique creatures. If you’re trying to come up with some good video game magazine choices for gamers then you know just how exclusive the market is for hard-core gaming. You really have to know a bit about what games and what game systems someone plays before going out and choosing just any publication.

For instance, gamers that play only first person shooters do not want to get a magazine that reviews only Nintendo games. If you’re not careful, you could find your well-intentioned gift ending up in the trash. That’s where this article can help you. Before delving into specifics, I would like to give you an invaluable tip. Try going to your local magazine stand and buying a copy that you think that special someone may enjoy as a gift. Leave it lying around where you’re sure they’ll see it. Their reaction should tell you all you need to know. If they ask where it came from, you could say that you found it at work.

A List of the Best Video Game Magazines for Gamers

• Flagship Magazine: This would be a good choice for someone who loves games in general. It has a good reputation within the gaming community and covers everything from board games to collectible card games to massive multiplayer online games. If it’s something to do with games, then you’re likely to find it here. As a bonus, issues are free to look at and download in PDF form at their website.

• PlayStation (The Official Magazine): A one stop shop for gamers that own a PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PS3 or PSP. As with most other video game magazines these days, it would be wise to get the subscription that includes the DVD or CD.

• Games TM: A UK magazine that covers the entire gaming industry very well. All the usual consoles are given equal page time, but the cool feature about this gaming magazine is the retro section in the back. Here you’ll find reviews of past games and past consoles. A very neat thing for those who still play the older stuff. Expensive for us in the states, but well worth it.

• Play (UK magazine): One of the country’s longest running PlayStation magazines with over 15 years of back issues. Known for writing honest video game reviews and keeping its readers up to date on what the future holds for the gaming community. Most issues come with a DVD filled with the latest game footage and trailers from PlayStation. As with most UK-based magazines, subscriptions won’t be cheap.

• Nintendo Power: The perfect magazine subscription for gamers that own either the Wii or Nintendo DS game systems. Although aimed at a younger audience, it perfectly fits the style of the type of video games made by the company. It’s one of the longest running game magazine publications in the United States.

• Game Informer: Ideal for someone who wants news covering all the major consoles and the game industry as a whole. It focuses on mass market video games, in other words, the popular games that everyone is playing.

• Official Xbox Magazine (with DVD): If you own or know somebody that owns an Xbox system then this is the magazine for you, but only with the DVD. If you get the one without the DVD, don’t expect any thanks from the one you gave it to.

• GamePro: A good magazine subscription choice for younger people that covers the broad gaming industry. It covers all the major consoles and provides preview, reviews, news and featured articles. Also has a strong online presence with plenty of industry news, as well.

• Edge (Videogame Culture): This is a well respected UK magazine that is perfect for the serious gamer. It has won lots of awards and is well known for its writing style, industry contacts and editorial ethics. It’s expensive, but many people call it “the only gaming magazine subscription you will ever need.”

• PC Gamer (with CD): Perhaps the best know gaming magazine out there for those that use the PC. It is important to note that they use a percent scale to rate the games, which in my opinion is much better than the stars method. I know that I’ve said this before, but be sure to subscribe to the edition that includes the CD (really important). As is the case with a lot of the publications, you can often get an American version or a UK version. I don’t know what it is, but the UK versions (although more expensive) are often better.Games TM 75

• Retro Gamer: A great magazine brought to us by those crazy British that lets us relive our youth in gaming. All about older games and gaming systems. Highly recommended…for the right person. If you know someone who grew up in the 1980’s and enjoyed playing games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Asteroids, Contra and Super Mario Brothers then they will likely enjoy this one.

• BioGamer Girl Magazine: This video game magazine covers a little more than most. It is specifically aimed at women who enjoy the horror genre and gaming, which are often closely linked anyways. You can expect to find coverage coming from movies, books, music, TV, comics and even popular websites. If it has to do with horror or gaming, you’ll find stories about it.

• Indie Game Magazine: Big company games aren’t the only ones around. There are lots of quality independent games out there as well, and this publication tells you all about them.

Although the above list has suggestions for magazine subscriptions only gamers would appreciate, there are plenty of other magazine subscription gift ideas that fit a wide range of personalities. A few examples include kid’s magazines, sports, cooking, yoga, sewing, music and so many more. The point is that if you feel uncomfortable picking out a gaming magazine, then there are many other choices. Keep in mind that picking out magazine subscriptions is a lot easier than picking out a gift in general.