Spending time as a couple important, but playing video games is important too. However, sometimes it is hard to balance your time between them. So why not try to combine them. Of course, for a couple that are not already playing video games together, there is probably some reason for that. Someone in that relationship just doesn't have much interest in them. However, try to convince them to open up their world and hop right into a fantasy one.

Of course, the kind of games non-gamers like, these 'casual games', usually make true gamers shutter. Not all good couple games have to be casual games. However, they do not necessarily have to be Halo or the like either.


Borderlands and Borderlands 2

Most games that are good for couples to play are more of the quick 'pick up and play' kind. However, those are also god awfully boring most times. The Borderlands series is a long term commitment when it comes to leveling and advancing the story, but the missions are short enough for couples to pick up and put down. The story is fairly engaging to even non-gamers, there is plenty of character customization and no shortage of loot. The controls are easy enough to pick up, plus with co-op play it is easy to pick up the slack for a player who is still learning.

So why not grab your girl (or guy), take a romantic cruise in your buggy through scenic Pandora and kill some bandits or something. I can guarantee it will be more exciting than your last dinner and a movie date.

fruit ninja

Kinect Fruit Ninja

Gamers hate casual games, usually. This is technically one of those, however there are a few secret advantages to playing fruit ninja with the apple of your eye. It's simple to understand, the fruit comes down, you cut it, try not to cut the bombs. It is often fast paced and can to some "accidental touching". It is a great game to play if you are in a new relationship and you are still being flirtatious with each other.

"Oh, sorry I meant to cut that orange, but I grabbed your bicep, it's so big, you must be sooo strong!" Just be careful not to go too far and to not accidentally smack someone in the face. Sometimes it is better to concentrate less on the game and more on strategy.

lego star wars

LEGO Adventure Series

You may think LEGO games, at first glance, are childish and boring however they are a stupid amount of fun. They have just about every series now from LEGO Star Wars, Batman, and Indiana Jones. They combine all the greatness of those movies with the humor the is unique to the little blocks. Even if your sweetheart doesn't like anyone of those movies, it is hard not to love watching a storm trooper die by having his head pop off and body fall apart.

Think of LEGOs as a good jumping off point. Hopefully, this will inspire your other half to give other games a try. LEGO games, they are a gateway drug—game, I mean, game. Yeah.

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modern warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

I know what you are thinking. There is no way in heck your other half is going to play this with you. Non-gamers find games like Call of Duty and Halo to be massive wastes of time. Some are willing to give it a try, but usually get turned off because they are terrible at it. That and the online community can be less than accepting of new players. In fact, they are downright mean about it.

I have lost many a good gaming buddy because their girlfriends were bad at Call of Duty and thus denied them from playing it.

This is where Modern Warfare 2 comes in. This Call of Duty is dated, but it has the co-op Spec Ops mode. This is where you and your special person can play, just the two of you, against bots and complete missions. This can help teach the basic controls and the finer points of aiming. It is a great way to improve their skills without them knowing it and spend time together. Plus since several games in the series have come out, playing the multiplayer is much less daunting. Most of the elitists have moved on to from this particular multiplayer.

little big planet

Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet with its little sockpuppets (?) are so unique and charming, they can worm their way into any persons' heart. While Little Big Planet controls a bit differently than most platformers, it’s still a blast with up to four players as you traverse the user created levels of the Little Big Planet Universe. Considering there’s already over one hundred thousand levels online available to try, there’s a good chance you won’t need to shelve this game any time soon. Plus, it’s full of whimsy charm that just oozes near-universal appeal.

The biggest reason Little Big Planet makes such a good couples game is that it encourages teamwork. Teamwork is important in games and in a relationship, best work on it now!

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The Pixeljunk Series

The Pixeljunk Series

Pixeljunk are retro-like games fused with next-gen ideas and art. Pixeljunk Monsters is easily the best of the series as the co-op mode allows you to build defenses out of trees in order to stop the monsters from reaching your village. Another good choice is Pixeljunk Shooter, which is much more forgiving in terms of difficulty and has a spaceship going down the depths of an alien planet, rescuing people all across the world. They are all pretty easy to learn, but difficult to master, and most of all addicting to play. Watch out for Pixeljunk Eden and Racers however, as their difficulty might be too hard for even the pair of you to tackle. You have been warned.

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orcs must die 2

Orcs Must Die 2

If you and your other half liked PixelJunk Monsters and the tower defense portion of it, then you will probably love Orcs Must Die 2. OMD2 is a simple game, you pick a character, equip them with weapons and traps, and then kill all the orcs. The game has vibrant graphics, snarky commentary and it all around an excellent co-op game. Plus out of the two characters, there is one of each gender so it is like you truly are playing as a couple.

The game is hilarious and the traps are so varied that gameplay can be adaptable to great tacticians and new gamers.