When you create a video to put onto the internet to help market a service or product, it has to be made correctly else it will not be very effective.  If you would like to dominate video marketing, there are several simple steps that you need to be following that will help you have better outcomes.  If you don't adhere to these guidelines, your video clip may fail and you could wind up wasting your time.

Do not turn your videos into a big advertisement.

The biggest error that many make is making these video clips that are obviously a long advertisement providing little value.  These forms of videos discuss a service or product and are wanting the viewers to purchase straight away.  If you use this type of high pressure approach, it won't perform.  Most of your viewers are viewing free sites like Youtube and do not like advertisements.  Instead, you have to create video clips that provide some quality content so that those enthusiastic about that subject will watch them and want additional information.

Place your web address into the video clip itself.

Your website ought to be easily identified anytime someone is viewing the recording.  It's a good idea to place your website address into the exact video clip itself so that people watching it may notice.  Also mention the URL in the sound track too.  Sometimes the video clips are taken from popular sites and spread around the web.  This way anybody viewing from any kind of website may find your site.

Have your Url in your description.

It's wise to show URL of your web site or the site you are promoting within the description field so people can easily click it to find your website.  Not all video sites permit live hyperlinks but many do, so make sure you  take advantage of this feature if it is available.

Provide your audience a reason to come to your site.

Your viewer needs a strong reason to visit your website.  This may be additional information, a free download, or even a price reduction.  Offer a good reason for the viewer to want to visit your website.

When creating video clips to market services and products online remember to not make them overly promotional, put the URL in the video and description field, and also provide your viewers reasons to visit your site.