Job hunting in today’s World is vastly different from the method used by our Parents and Grandparents. One of the most drastic changes to occur is the use of the Internet. Now you can apply for numerous jobs without ever having to leave your home. One of the technological advances that has really taken off is video cv/resumes.

Initially employers liked that they could get resumes easy from applicants online but these employers soon realized that many of the people who had a good resume were actually crappy candidates once they showed up for the initial interview. On the other hand these employers also learned that some of the resumes that were thrown to the trash basket were in actuality the best person they could have hired for their position. The key to making the job search effort go much smoother for both employers and potential employees is the use of video resumes. Video CV Recruitment is definitely a sought after use of technology for both employers and employees.

Video CVs allow you to not only get your application to the employer but to also present a physical reason why they should hire you. A video cv/resume can allow you to present the “full package” that you have to offer. Are you calm and collective with your thoughts? Are you presenting yourself in a positive manner? Is your grooming habits appropriate and within the demands and needs of the company you are interviewing and applying for? All of these questions and more can easily be answered by using video resumes.

Sometimes and employer needs to hire people for a customer service position yet and they may like your resume and invite you in for an interview but once they see you in person and hear you speak they no longer can hire you. The problem is if you have a strong accent then the company’s customers will have trouble understanding you. This allows companies to save money by spending less time interviewing applicants in person that are not actually qualified for the job although they candidate may appear to be qualified solely from the paper résumé.

Video resumes truly make the job hunting process much easier for both people hunting for  a job as well as employers who need to do some hiring. One of the most efficient uses of modern technology for businesses and job applicants is to use video resumes.

In addition to video resumes you may also get the opportunity to interview for the job VIA video. Video and the Internet has truly made job hunting and corporate hiring a much different game then it was for past generations.