the prime example of a site that specializes in searching for audio & video and is one of the most popular sites on the internet. It is the sixth most visited website according to those who monitors such things. There are thousands of other video sites, but one could immediately assume; why use any others when YouTube does so well?

Since these vid search sites are owned and run by separate companies, many have unique features and are indexed differently from their competitors. A number of sites access content from each other, but seem to have individual videos removed at different times as the copyright holders stop them from being used. At any particular time, one site may have content that has been made inactive elsewhere.

The better your searching experience is, the more likely you are to use their site in the future,
so many provide interactive functions like the ability to make yourself a favorites list. Some will include quick links so you can email videos to other users. A useful feature on some sites allows you to search other videos uploaded by the user that uploaded the video you're watching, which is often a good way to find similar content. Most search sites will provide categories of subjects to speed up your searching. Like typical websites, you'll generally find an "About" link at the bottom or somewhere on the homepage that will give you an overview of what the sites' goals are. This may or may not convince you that you're on the right track to find what you want. Some sites feature forums. Some vid sites specialize in a particular category. Humor for instance. Sometimes you'll find: Most Popular Searches or Most Recently Searched in case you're wondering what other users find interesting.

Family filters are helpful if you don't want porn results to be displayed. Sometimes links to sites that share vids back and forth may be listed. This can provide additional sources for searching. Some sites have downloadable add-ons or extensions to make them integrate better with a particular browser and give you increased functionality.

An often overlooked aspect of searching is that most users limit themselves to domestic sites in the English language. There are video search sites worldwide and plenty of translation engines available. It may be advisable to consciously avoid proceeding past your initial search query on a site if you suspect a company may try to charge you in some fashion. I know nothing of international law and don't want to know about it. Many foreign sites will search using English keywords. The fact that the audio associated with a video may be unintelligible may matter to you or may not.