How to be a better cameraman

There are many ways of shooting a video. However there are some basic techniques that you need to have be a good cameramen. A videocam must be part of yourself. Not only you must catch the action, but you must also able to handle your camera well enough.

Here are some techniques that you can use to be a better cameraman:

1. Position your self well

Before you start recording, look for a good location where you can place yourself, the tripod and the camera. You must have plenty of space to maneuver, able to pan, and tilt.  Able to do these basic movement comfortably and must be able to see the subject clearly. The best is you cam rotate 360 degree. Look for a strategist location where by you can make less movement but get most of the subject.

2.  Keep both eyes open

Make it a habit to shoot a video with both eyes open. One eyes to look at the viewfinder on your camera and another eyes open to look around. You must be able to work simultaneously. Keep track on what is recoding in the camera and spot what is the next subject to shoot. Speed is neccessary in the situation where by there is a lot of action and non - repeated scene, such as wedding or live band. 

3. Framing and sound

Next time before you press the record button, think about the framing and sound of your subject. Keep these two words in your mind. What is your earlier shot size. Is this the best framing for this situation. Do I really need a good sound input for this take? Planning ahead before you record any footage will help you a lot to cut down the amount of unnecessary footage and retake.

4. Consider your surrounding

Naturally people are shy on camera. Majority will avoid and run away, soon as they realize you are shooting them. So consider your surrounding. Ask for permission from your subject when needed. Try to be unobtrusive. Stand in the reasonable distance while shooting. Be polite and always smile and respect others people personal space.

5. Go wild and experiment

It’s a good idea to try out a new and different things in your next shot. Experiment all kinds of odd position and way of shooting. Most importantly have fun with your camera. But my last advice to you is make sure you cover the “save” shoot before you start experimenting your new move. 

If you want to be good, you'll have to invest some time to practice.