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VideoMakerFX exploded onto the scene in May, 2014. This video creation tool quickly set sales records as it was purchased by tens of thousands. The community of owners numbers in excess of 25,000, with many sales being made daily. The reason is simple: VideoMakerFX gives incredible video creation power to regular people.

Users of the application create projects with one click. They then add one or more video scenes. Various themes relate scenes together. These allow the video to be created as a series of steps. Some of the themes even present a story to to viewer. The main point of the video is introduced, the problem is identified, solutions are offered, and the positive result is highlighted. Video designers can stick with the progression, or start their own sequence from scratch.

The main benefit that VideoMakerFX offers is time. With experience, a designer can produce a video in record time. While even a beginner can use the tool productively, a seasoned user can export MP4 files in minutes. This allows extra time for fine tuning, copy editing, and image acquisition.

VideomakerFX Uses

With VideoMakerFX, practically anyone can create advertising or informational videos. These can highlight the virtues of products, services, attractions, or even more. The tool allows images, video and text to be incorporated into a piece of work. Each scene can be from a related theme, or they can be radically different from each other.

The production tool also allows custom audio tracks to be added. Two separate tracks can be added, and balanced. That allows background music to be played while a voice-over track is describing the objective. Twenty distinct tracks are supplied and you can add your own as well. There are volume controls included so that the relative intensity of each track can be adjusted.

The final output MP4 file can be made in suitable size and quality, depending on the application. For YouTube, standard HD is suitable. For other web site, or mobile use, lower quality and resolutions may be acceptable. These can be specified at MP4 export time.

This application comes with royalty free music and images that can be used within your clips. They provide ways to improve the variety of your work. The music can be specified as background tracks that complement your video. You can add a second audio track, perhaps a voice-over narration. The images work well as backgrounds, such as wallpaper.

System Support

VideomakerFX remains a viable program in the video production arena. It works very well. Many owners report that it is extremely stable for their purposes. The tool does require a substantial level of computer resources, however. Those with older systems may find that certain operations do take a fair amount of time to complete.

The support group for the tool is very experienced. They provide helpful advice and solutions to problems. They also provide advice and training on how to use the tool. 

Video is one of the best ways to engage with visitors. Whether blogging, selling products, or simply producing entertaining content, video clips are very effective. VideomakerFX lets anyone generate unlimited content of this type easily. It can then be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or to a personal blog.

Facebook Group

The author maintains a Facebook group for users of the utility. This facility can be used as an alternate communication method for support and usability inquiries. Many people contribute pointers on the group. Advice can be obtained here as well. The existing owners of the software act as a dedicated community, one that helps each other succeed.


A community has been established on LinkedIn for the use of owners as well. This group provides advice for owners for both the software and for the business use of the product. It is intended to help those who are generating their own clips, not those who sell to clients.

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Commercial Work

With VideomakerFX, a person can create videos for sale to customers. There are many people who would like to show their business with clips. With practice, an owner of the utility can produce work for corporate client. These can be customized for the particular client needs.

VideomakerFX provides many templates which are applicable to various client needs. They are designed to be attractive which helps with traffic generation. The system is also flexible so that works can be easily changed. This can allow future updates to be applied with ease. Producers can also generate a clip for one client and then modify it to fit the needs of another. This works best if the two clients are not competitors of each other, of course.

Optional Extras

While the tool does include a number of music tracks, many owners like to obtain more. Royalty free music is available to fill this need. This improves the produced clips uniqueness. While many people may use the supplied music tracks, they are less likely to have the same additional music packs. 

Extra Graphics

Much like the music packs, extra graphics libraries are available. These allow users to add elements to their completed works. Items like arrows, stars, and other call to action keys, are often contained within optional libraries. These are often available at very reasonable prices. They tend to help the producer make more unique clips.

Voice Tracks

The tool does offer the ability to record audio voice tracks for use with clips. These can be great addition to the work. To use the feature, a microphone must be attached to the system. Users may find, however, that they have better luck recording their audio in a separate session and adding it to the clip after. The tool supports this mechanism. The use of the free audio editor Audacity is advised in these cases. This tool allows users to edit their audio work before using it in a clip. That way pauses and errors can be removed, making a more streamlined audio recording.

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