Obviously we all need refrigerators to store our foods and beverages in. Viking refrigerators are modern looking, and reliable refrigerators to buy for your home. Prices are a little expensive, but considering these are some of the better refrigerators you'll find for your home online, then you can still save prices. Viking refrigerators are heavily featured, and come with sealed doors to keep foods and drinks fresh. They're noise resistant and shouldn't interfere, or cause a distraction. Checkout where to find the best Viking refrigerators for sale online. Save money by shopping online, and provide yourself with a very nice refrigerator that's built to last for decades.

Viking Professional Series Refrigerators for Sale

The professional series is one the cheaper Viking refrigerators for sale online. The Viking Professional Series VCFF136SS features two french doors. If features a 14.1 cubic foot refrigerator capacity, and a 5.5 cubic foot freeze capacity, giving you plenty of room for storing foods for a full sized families. 24 inch cabinet side panels are featured, along with four slide out shelves that are glass spill proof, five large door bins, two storage gallon container binds, and a temperature adjustable meat savor that can be customized for produce or for fresh meat. An automatic ice maker is featured in the freezer. Some of the electronic features include a water filter indicating the water filter needs replaced, a door alarm whenever the fridge is open for longer than five minutes, and customizable settings of the temperatures in the freeze and the refrigerator. Viking refrigerators are expensive, even the professional series. You can purchase these Viking refrigerators for sale online at AJ madison.


Viking VCFF136SS - Stainless Steel 36"French-Door Bottom-Mount Refrigerator/Freezer - VCFF

Viking Quiet Cool Built-In Refrigerators for Sale

36" Viking Refrigerators - The Quiet Cool Viking refrigerators are the more expensive ones on the market, but they're also the best ones to purchase. If you're looking for a standard 36 inch Viking refrigerator, then the DDRB536RBK is going for sale for the cheapest prices online. It's still very expensive at prices around $5,000 dollars. It's a highly recommended cooler. It can cool foods and beverages within minutes. It will keep your meats, produce, and dairy cold and fresh. Spill proof glass shelves, cold zone drawers, and humidity drawers are included. An 24 egg container carrier is also featured. It's strictly just a refrigerator, no built-in freezer is included. It's going for sale online at universal-akb.

42" Viking Refrigerators - Bigger families might require bigger Viking refrigerators for home use. This is a side to side refrigerator featuring two doors. It's very big and spacious. It features an air purifier that will eliminate bacteria, fungi, and any airborne substances. Adjustable cold zone drawers are featured for meat storage, and can be set to different temperatures. An ice maker is also included, along with four glass shelves. It's an expensive refrigerator that goes for prices over $7,000 dollars. If you shop online at AJ madison, it is going for sale for prices just slightly over $7,000. You'll save over $500 dollars. Available colors are black, stainless steel, and white.

Viking Quiet Cool Refrigerator 42"

48" Viking Refrigerators - Viking appliances of 48" are actually going for sale for some pretty good discount prices. If you don't mind wooden panel doors, then you can save over $2,000 dollars on this 48" Viking refrigerator. It's a traditional looking fridge that blends in well with traditional home styles. Quite a few features like a 8.6 cubic FT capacity freezer, plasmacluster ion air purifier, and adjustable cold zones are featured. It's spacious, versatile, and one of the best refrigerators out on the market. You can purchase for sale online at designer home surplus.

Viking VCSB5481SS 48 Inch Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Viking VCSB5481SS 48 Inch Side-by-Side Refrigerator
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Viking Wine Refrigerators for Sale

If you're a wine collector, then you'll need your own wine cooler for your finest wines to be stored in at desirable temperatures. The Viking Designer Series DUAR144CRSS is the cheapest Viking wine refrigerator for sale. You can purchase online for prices slightly under $2,000 dollars. It will store wine, sodas, beers, and any other beverages. Features include a top wire check for wine storage, then wire racks to store up to 148 12 ounce cans of sodas or beers. You can purchase for sale online at warehouse discount center. If you're looking strictly for just wine refrigerators, then you should purchase the Viking WUWC144CRSS 24' Professional Series Glass Door Wine Cellars. Prices go for over $2,000 dollars, but it will store up to 56 bottles of wine. You can purchase online at evvive.com