Villaware V5225 Crepe Maker is by far the best crepe iron that I have used and those of you who are used to the traditional stovetop crepe maker will find this to be a real marvel. I do agree that this is not a perfect Crepe Maker, but given the fact that I get a decent iron from Villaware and that too for just $39, what else can I ask for? Though initially I made weird things that did not look like crepes from any angle and was more of pancake like. In the course of time I managed to make delectable crepes enjoyed by the whole family. I love to have them straight from the iron for breakfast while kids like to have them smeared with syrup and stuffed in savories and the husband drools over the meat filled neatly folded spicy crepe.

This is basically an electric iron that is powered by 900 watts and that means that you don't have to waste time standing next to it. This takes just 60 seconds for a crepe and you can make enough in 5 minutes for two. Yes, if you intend to make crepe for a large family, then you need to have one more appliance or make it ahead and stack them. While arranging them, the crepe tends to stick and sit on another piece and so it is suggested to slip a wax paper below the hot crepe. This truly makes amazing blintzes in less than a minute and I admire this iron for the speed of operation.

The Villaware V5225 Crepe Maker comes with a plastic pan that can be dipped inside the batter and pour this into the iron and turn the appliance upside down and it rests comfortably on the table. By the ay it comes with a thermostat and once the iron is hot and ready for the batter, red light glows. As mentioned by others in most of the reviews, the plastic pan looks odd and is kind of flimsy as if it is going to melt in the batter. I wish this comes in glass or sturdy material that is easy to use. I pour the left over batter in the pan on to the iron straight around the edges and make a thick pancake. Recipe that comes along with the Villaware is ok and I find don't find them too sweet.. It measures about 7-1/2 inch in diameter and the plastic handle facilitates in inverting and handling the iron without burning the hand.

The non-stick coating of the Villaware Crepe Maker is actually French Teflon and this is not that durable and impact resistant. That doesn't mean that this is cheap, but it is highly sensitive to temperature. No doubt, the crepe can be peeled instantly and with little bit of butter smeared on the pan, it releases easily without sticking to the base. The issue is that the pan is not fit to be used continuously for more than 2 hours and that is not a problem to me because I use it only for 20 minutes at the max. Similarly, the pan should not be left "on" without batter in it as the Villaware Crepe Maker gets overheated soon. In that case it has to be allowed to cool or else the non stick coating peels off. Overall I would have to say this crepe maker is OK, but not my favorite kitchen appliance.